3 Reasons to Check Your Child’s Posture

Poor posture among children is incredibly common — heavy backpacks, iPhones, iPads, rapid growth, sports, rough-housing, and the like all contribute to poor posture. The results of poor posture can be terrible for your child’s health. Left untreated, poor posture may result in a lifetime of unnecessary aches and pains!

Childrens silhouettes


Here are 3 reasons to check your child’s posture early and often:

1. Spinal Curvature – If the body succumbs to poor posture, the natural “S” curve of the spine changes shape. These vertebral subluxations can lead to pain, blood vessel constriction (which cuts off nutrient and oxygen supply to muscles), and nerve restrictions.

2. Neck and Back Strain – A misaligned spine adds stress and strain to the muscles supporting it. Over time, this causes neck and back pain, and causes the body to overcompensate in other areas.

3. Organ Function – Our skeleton is home to our internal organs. When this frame starts to take an unhealthy shape, studies show that this physical stress damages organs. A chiropractor will know exactly what to look for to insure your child’s skeletal frame is properly aligned.

When your child’s spine is properly aligned, they function and feel their best. Schedule an appointment today for your child so we can help them feel their best!

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