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Upon entering Abundant Life Chiropractic, you will be welcomed by a friendly staff and a warm environment.

Dr. Benjamin Knight

Dr. Knight brings a personalized experience that offers comfort, healing, and hope. Dr. Knight brings unparalleled professionalism to the table, with an emphasis on empathy and understanding to each and every client he has the opportunity to connect with.

He values individualized healthcare, rather than the traditional broad stroke approach.  He builds his practice on this fundamental quote: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Dr. Benjamin Knight

Dr. Benjamin Knight

The learning does not cease when it comes to Dr. Knight’s career in his avid investment in continuous education.  His passion to bring the best in research and real results to his clients is a major driver in his advancement in his studies and overall career.  Dr. Knight is continuously searching for the next best way to bring authentic wellness to any community he has the blessing to touch along the way in his journey.

When Dr. Knight is not helping people in his clinic, he can be found traveling and enjoying the outdoors with his friends and family. He appreciates a good day of hunting, fishing, and taking in the amazing world he has the blessing to be a part of.  On Sundays, he can be seen attending services at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, antiquing and supporting local small businesses.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Knight and his team to experience an authentic bedside manner with a sincere goal to help you reach your innate abundance in health.

Dr. Thaddeus Sharikov

Dr. Thaddeus Sharikov

Dr. Sharikov is a chiropractor specializing in upper cervical care based out of Minnesota with a goal of empowering people to live a overall better life through better health.

Dr. Sharikov interest in nutrition and detox began with his own weight loss challenges. He tried the conventional wisdom for weight loss as one big self-experiment. This opened up new areas (such as detox) for optimal body function – both on mental and physical level. He dove deep into the latest science, functional medicine, and safe alternative ways to optimize health. Dr. Sharikov is commited to sharing the foundational principles of digestion, weight loss, and detox to make the world a better place today!

Dr. Sharikov speaks fluently in English and Russian. This is a blessing that allows him to effectively serve the diverse communities that he is a part of.

In his free time, Dr. Sharikov enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Julie and baby daughter Josephine (coming soon).

Lynn Song

Certified Massage Therapist

Member of the AMTA and NCBTMB.










Lynn graduated from Aveda Institute of Minneapolis. She has training in many modalities including Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Cranial-sacral and Deep Tissue. She enjoys working with people to maintain their wellness with therapeutic massage. Lynn enjoys spending time with her five children, grandsons and spouse.  In her free time you will find her gardening and participating in volleyball teams.

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    I arrived at Abundant Life with Sciatica and through treatments I have gradually and noticeably improved. I would recommend Abundant Life Chiropractic as it has solved my health issues. -John
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    I came to Abundant Life for sleep issues because of hot flashes and then I tweaked my back. Since starting care, my sleep is greatly improved and my back situation improved quickly. I would definitely recommend care at Abundant Life. -Karen B.
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    I originally came to see Dr. Knight for allergies and sinus problems. Since starting care I can breathe better, I don’t break out in hives as much and I don’t have the ringing in my right ear. I wish I would've known Dr. Knight years ago. -Michelle M.