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At Abundant Life Chiropractic, we provide chiropractic care for all ages and can attest to the many benefits of a healthy spine for a growing child! Unfortunately, the concept of chiropractic care for children is often susceptible to many misconceptions. Read on for 3 myths about chiropractic care for kids, and the scientific research that backs up the real facts!

A chiropractor treating a new born baby

Myth 1: Chiropractic care for children is new.

The practice of using chiropractic care for children reaches back all the way to 1910, when the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, stated how important it is to check a child’s spine from birth and throughout life. By the 1980s, many DCs had tailored their practices specifically to the needs of adult patients, by in 1986, Dr. Larry Webster helped re-establish chiropractic care for children as a legitimate area of focus.

Dr. Webster started teaching his child-friendly techniques and founded the ICPA to further help chiropractors treat children. The ICPA now has over 4,000 members!

Myth 2: Children don’t need chiropractic care. 

Chiropractors who treat children often hear the question, “Why would a kid need to see a chiropractor?” or “What good does chiropractic actually do for a toddler or newborn?”

Chiropractic helps kids with a wide range of issues! One newborn might need treatment because they’ve already starting showing signs of favoring one side, a teenager may have terrible posture from sitting in a desk all day, children may have symptoms like ear infections, asthma, colic, ADD, ADHD, allergies, and more — all of which can be treated naturally with chiropractic care. The central nervous system plays an integral part in how adult and children’s body’s function — if there are subluxations present, the body cannot function as it should and these imbalances manifest themselves in a variety of ways, many of which are listed above.

Chiropractic care for kids helps ensure their nervous system is functioning as it should and that as they rapidly grow, their body is in balance to grow with them.

Myth 3: Chiropractors use the same technique on children as adults.

DCs who treat children do not apply heavy pressure. According to Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock, “Often it’s a matter of moving the child into a position of ease, holding that position, and things will reset quite nicely on their own.” It is nowhere near as forceful as adults’ treatment.

This also makes the point that extra training for chiropractors who treat children is crucial!

If you’re interested in learning more about Abundant Life’s chiropractic techniques for children, and the many ways we believe it can improve your child’s quality of life, please call us today for your appointment!

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