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As we strive to look for ways to improve our health and the general well-being of our bodies, we stumble upon accidents that could not have been avoided. More often than not, we think of surgery but never think about chiropractic as a solution to our medical condition. The myth that chiropractic is only good in treating back pains seems to have taken strong roots. Dissemination of knowledge needs to be expedited so that we don’t keep on talking about how to get around one particular problem.


Chronic illness, hereditary medical conditions, and sports injuries will leave us partially maimed. Most of us panic in such cases and fail to make a decision on who to seek help from first. The other reason why people end up choosing surgery first over chiropractic is that the people paying the bills are not well informed about the potential value for money that chiropractic has. In just a short while, we shall take you through the 6 reasons why you need to avoid surgery. But, before that, let us have a look at some fact lines below.

There is nothing you can get from a surgery that the chiropractic treatment cannot provide you with, of course except the scars. Many of us have read about chiropractic maintenance and care from different sources but what we are yet to grasp is the big difference that exists between chiropractic and conventional medicine.

  1. Chiropractic eliminates the illness from the source

Chiropractors, unlike conventional medicine, treat the cause of the problem and the symptoms associated with it. This is the reason why it is so hard for a problem to persist after you have undergone a chiropractic treatment. Most cases where an illness fails to be treated, we find that it persists and eventually, a patient may have to undergo surgery.

Folks do not like the idea of surgery, even plastic surgery is not something a place craves for but feels the pressure for. Going under the surgeon’s knife can be a pretty scary thought for obvious reasons. We look at some of the reasons why you should avoid surgery.

  1. Chiropractic Care is Safe

Chiropractic doctors use their bare hands to carry out spinal manipulations and all other forms of chiropractic maintenance. You cannot compare the human hand to stainless steel blades and other metallic paraphernalia that a surgeon uses. Worst case scenario from a chiropractic session gone wrong could be a dislocated joint or nausea and headaches that are the common side effects. On the other hand, a surgical operation poses a lot of uncertainties.

Imagine a pair of scissors left in your back. Or let us be friendlier and think of something lesser. Let us say a wrong stitching which requires restitching. Let’s not forget the daily bandage changes, which can be very painful. Some doctors even go to the extent of removing the wrong chunk of meat from your back or neck. Now imagine having gone under the knife for six hours. On top of that, add eight more hours for the anesthesia to wear off. That comes to roughly 14 hours before you feel yourself again. By now the doctors have no idea of any blunder.

After a while when you think you should be recovering, you realize your condition is getting even worse after the surgery. You go back to the hospital for numerous X-Rays and CT-Scans. Then more bad news comes in, that the surgeon missed yet another overgrown bone. If not that you are told they drilled in too much and there is pus inside.

Worry kicks in, and you are rushed back into surgery. Maybe this time they get it right, or maybe not. We still cannot get any assurances of the best, but we hope for it.

Anything could go wrong. It is the medical procedure most people fear. The chances of survival are almost null. Imagine if you had sought a chiropractors help. You save a lot of time and money. You also get to stay clear of uncertainties. Why choose a risky option when there is a better and safer solution to a problem?

  1. Use chiropractic to cure sciatica

Sciatica is a medical condition that affects many people irrespective of race, gender or social status. Age factor plays no significant role when we look at the people most likely to suffer from sciatica. The numbness, pain, weakness and tingling in the leg are among the common symptoms of sciatica. We also associate sharp lower back pains with sciatica. If you feel a needle or pin sensation in your leg, I would suggest you go for a checkup. These are specific sciatica symptoms that you need to be aware of.

Sciatica is a condition we associate with the sciatica nerve. This is the nerve which runs all the way from the lower back to the lower legs through the buttocks. You are likely to confuse sciatica symptoms to the symptoms of a common back pain. This can be fatal because we only realize too late that we are suffering from sciatica. At this instance, the only alternative you have is to go in for surgery.

You can avoid this undesirable eventuality. How? Let’s see how.

According to verifiable clinical studies, microdiscectomy and spinal manipulations proved to be efficient and successful in treating patients who suffered from a lumbar disc herniation. If you decide to go the surgical way, I am more than willing to give you a head start.

Here is what is going to happen; you will be put to sleep, and the surgeon will open up your back to remove a small part of the bone which is located on top of the root nerve. As if this is not enough, the surgeon will go in once more and remove some disc material under the nerve root. This is done so that the neural impingement is relieved and more room is created for the healing of the nerve. Not a pretty picture at all.

So, now I want to forget all the nasty pictures I have drawn in your head.

A doctor of chiropractic will perform spinal manipulation by use of the hand to apply pressure to a specific joint on the spine. Without invasive action, chiropractic manipulation relieves you of painstaking sciatica. You also boost the general functioning of your body.

Stats show that more that 60% of patient sciatica who turned to chiropractic manipulation were able to recover from their condition. This proves that, unlike a misleading notion, surgery is not always your only option. Treat sciatica using chiropractic to avoid the dreadful last options such as surgery.

  1. Chiropractic is cheaper than surgery

There are many reasons as to why many people would like to avoid surgery altogether. Nothing should provide a better incentive to avoid surgery than the thought of saving on cash. The cost incurred for a surgical operation is more than ten times normal chiropractic charges.

A chiropractic session will cost a maximum of $ 200 only. This is the highest amount of money you will spend on the most time consuming and sophisticated chiropractic treatment. On average, a surgical operation will cost you at least, $ 16 000. The math is simple and clear; no one should convince you otherwise.

  1. Use chiropractic to detect and treat early scoliosis

We can make a couple of chiropractic adjustments with muscular rehabilitation to cure scoliosis. This procedure is crucial in the prevention of the development of scoliosis. Doctors of chiropractic get empowerment from NGOs to facilitate the treatment of early scoliosis. Due to the advancement in the field of chiropractic, we can treat scoliosis effectively without resorting to surgery. Studies indicate a 30% drop in scoliosis progression in patients who sort chiropractic treatment. Scoliosis can lead to undesired fatalities.  You cannot always rely on surgery to sort things out, late on. Try out this tested and proven chiropractic model of killing scoliosis at its source.

  1. Support studies

More often than not, we rely on statistics and research reports to analyze the effectiveness of something. The case is similar when looking for reasons as to why chiropractic adjustments are the best alternative.

A report by Journal of America Medical Association points out that patients opt for chiropractic treatment before resorting to surgery. This report is backed up by another study published in the Spine Journal. According to the study in Spine, 40% of patients who seek immediate chiropractic care avoid surgery. In comparison, only 1.5% of those who sought a surgeon’s recommendation avoided surgery altogether.

Now that you have the facts with you, I hope you will make a well-informed decision when in similar situations. For further clarity, feel free to visit our clinics or contact our customer support. We strive to provide you the best risk-free medical services.

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