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The good, bad, and ugly of fish oils…

Fish Oils

Rotten Fish Oils?

Due to popular demand, here is the latest answers on what fish oils are good, bad and ugly.  Before we answer what fish oils to take, it is important that we address why you should take fish oils, and why the appropriate ones benefit your health.

The purpose of Fish Oil

Fish oil commonly referred to as Omega 3’s, were not designed so people could avoid eating healthy fats.  They were designed to supplement those in need of nutritious fats.  Our Chiropractors have found that the majority of Chanhassen residents not only lack a diet in nutritious saturated fats, but instead have a diet consisting of complex carbohydrates and processed sugars.

Your body needs fats in order to heal.  Fats are the primary building block of your cellular walls.  Fats also serve as a precursor to all your hormones, allow your bodies metabolic process to burn unwanted lipose, and even act as your primary energy source.

The reason behind this article is so few Chanhassen residents actually have a nutritious diet consisting of healthy fats!  In turn, we are forced to supplement with omega 3’s to bring down inflammation in the body and help support the bodies healing process.

Bad Fish Oils To Avoid

You can almost always guarantee your fish oils are not clean or come from a clean source if you bought a fish oil in the bulk.  Whole sale shopping centers that sell fish oils in the bottles of 1000 pills, 2000 pills or 5000 pills generally do not have a clean source of fish oil.  The oils or fats themselves come from farm raised fish that are not healthy.  When fish are farm raised, they are taken out of their natural environment and fed an inflammatory diet.  This ultimately changes the composition of the fish and their oils extracted from them.  Making the fish oils bad for you.  Avoid these fish oils!

Sunlight denatures fish oil.  It is important to make sure that your fish oils are in a sun tinted bottle or a dark bottle.  This blocks sun from rotting the fish oil or making them capsules go bad.

Last but the far from the least important.  The majority of fish oils sold in supplement stores or weight lighting shops contain all three types of fats:  omega 3’s, omega 6’s, and omega 9’s.  While the body does need all three forms of fat, omega 6’s and omega 9’s cause inflammation in the body.  If you are the standard American, chances are your diet is not as clean as it should be and you do not need a surplus of inflammation coming form omega 6’s or omega 9’s.

Fish Oils that promote healing in the body

First things first, when searching for a good fish oil, make sure you buy a fish oil supplement with solely omega 3’s in it.  Secondly, make sure the supplement you buy is organic from free range fish.  This prevents from the ingestion of toxic inflammatory oils that will only be counter – intuitive towards your health.  Lastly, buy fish oils from a reputable source.

At Abundant Life Chiropractic, in Chanhassen MN, our doctors recommend Omega Sufficiency from Innate Choice.  Omega sufficiency is a third party tested, organic fish oil from wild caught fish.  Omega sufficiency does not have any inflammatory omegas in it.  Most importantly this supplement was studied and designed by a doctor with your best interest at heart, instead of a for profit business.

Other reputable fish oils are:

  • Nordic Naturals
  • Standard Process
  • Organic Cod Liver Oils

Start taking omega 3’s today, and watch your energy spike!