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Carver County Neck Pain

Carver County Neck Pain

Carver County is one of the gems of Minnesota. According to the 2000 census, it is home to 70,205 people and 18,778 families. Boasting all four seasons in all of its glory, Carver County has many positive attributes and brings a wide variety of activities and pastimes to its residents. Families and friends enjoy snowmobiling, sledding, and cross-country skiing during the winter months and water sports at the seven lakes of Carver County during the hot summer days. It is safe to say that Carver County has a lot to bring to the table of fun.

With that being said, neck pain can be a serious hindrance that can prevent the citizens of Carver County from enjoying their day to day activities. Whether its an occasional nuisance that causes annoyance or severe pain that completely debilitating, neck pain is no fun.

Carver county neck pain

Types of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be multi-factoral. It can be difficult to differentiate where the cause of the neck pain is coming from; however, one factor that helps us narrow down the cause is the duration of the pain. In sprain/strain situations the neck pain typically lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks. If the neck pain has been occurring for longer than that, this leads us to believe that the cause of the neck pain is something else.

A common cause of neck pain that we see in the clinic is a misalignment of the spinal bones in the neck. This commonly happens after some sort of trauma that happened in the past. Considering the fact that we live in Carver County which is rich with lakes, many of these traumas happen during water sports. Whether its a fall that happened during tubing, water skiing, or a sloppy dive – all of these injuries have the potential to cause a shift in the spinal bones of the neck. The term that describes this symptom is subluxation.

What is subluxation?

Subluxation is a misalignment of the spinal bones that causes stress on the nervous system. This will not only cause pain and tightness of the surrounding muscles, but eventually cause other problems within the body. In addition to the neck pain, common symptoms that we see in the clinic with subluxations in the neck include: neuropathy into the upper extremities, headaches, shoulder pain, fatigue, irritability, upper back pain, and carpal tunnel.

Our solution

Our team of doctors are dedicated to helping you figure out the cause of your neck pain. Whether its a simple sprain/strain or something more complex, we will help you figure out what the cause of your neck pain is. It all starts with a comprehensive examination and consult – call today at 952-300-8338 to schedule an appointment to start living your life without neck pain.

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