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Chanhassen is truly a land of plenty, and I don’t just mean regarding food and culture but knowledge as well. Parents living in Chanhassen can attest to this fact. This is one of the few places in America which are served by two district schools. While residing in Chanhassen, you may choose to take your kids to the Eastern Carver County school or the Minnetonka School District. Furthermore, there are plenty more private schools nearby Chanhassen. But with the ever encroaching financial hurdles, it is always preferable to take your kids to a public school. This is especially the case where public schools perform more or less at the same level as private schools. Nevertheless, we shall have a look at some of the private schools in schools for those who may fancy the idea.


Private Schools in and around Chanhassen

Chanhassen is well-endowed with a top brass of education investors. This is why you will come across a lot of private schools in Chanhassen. The two most common and prestigious private academic institutions in Chanhassen are the Chapel Hill Academy and the St. Huber Catholic School. Although these are not district schools, you will find their fees quite affordable regardless.

Just around 8215 Main Street, you will come across the St. Hubert Catholic school. This is a pride of the society due to the Christian teachings, and the wholesome education dispensed. The school spans through kindergarten to the 8th Grade. It is a decent place if you are looking for a school that will give your kid a holistic approach to education.

Chapel Hill Academy, on the other hand, is just at the center of 306 West 78th Street. Similar to the St. Hubert Catholic schools, you can take your kids through from kindergarten to the 8th Grade. The location of Chapel Hill Academy is ideal since it can be accessed easily by traffic.

If you live in the outskirts of the city, you may want a school that is not located at the center of the city. This is why we are also providing you with some information about private schools which are located near Chanhassen. These schools include Holy Family Catholic school, Benilde-St. Margaret’s, St. John the Baptist Catholic School, Shakopee Area Catholic School, Guardian Angels Catholic School, International School of Minnesota among others.

Chanhassen District Schools

As mentioned before, there are two districts schools which serve the greater city of Chanhassen. However, Eastern Carver County district school serves a larger population of students. In comparison, Minnetonka County school district only serves 28% of all the school-going population of Chanhassen.

i) Eastern Carver School District

There are many great district schools in Eastern Carver country school district which offer quality education. Carver School District has standards of education which are meant to standardize education across the whole country. The curriculum is based on the National Education curriculum as well. The district’s governing body is the school board. The board comprises of seven members who are elected by district voters. This means that you have a say in who is going to govern the way your kids acquire education. For admission into Eastern Carver district schools, you can contact the office at Chaska MN 11 Peavey Road.

Here are the schools in this district;

  1. Chanhassen High School

Chanhassen High school is a public high school which was established in 2009. It runs through grades 9 to 12. At the moment the school has an enrolment capacity of one thousand, six hundred and twelve students. This school’s colors are navy blue, white and Wu-Tang Gold. It is located in the southwestern suburbs of Chanhassen.

The school has a total of 85 teachers which makes it highly equipped to provide its students with a responsible and hands-on approach to learning. What makes this school an ideal educational center is the fact that of all the 85 teachers 80 of them graduated with masters. The enrollment of minority stands at 9% while the male to female students’ ratio is 0.52 to 0.48. This makes Chanhassen High School a balanced Institute offering high-quality education without compromise.

  1. Chaska High School

Chaska High school is a senior public high school which is also located in the southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis-St Paul area.  The school has a 9th-12th-grade program with an enrollment of 1252 students. Its colors are purple, gold and white.

The school was established in the 1900s but held its first graduation in 1906. Chaska has switched to three different locations since then. The current school facility features a massive auditorium, cafeteria, stadium, tech-ed labs and athletic fields. If your child is admitted to Chaska High school, they can be housed in Red House, Blue House, Green House and Purple.

There are many other great district schools in Chanhassen including the Bluff Creek Elementary that has amazing teachers. This school has a nice performance record with schools getting great grades. The other schools include Chanhassen Elementary and Pioneer Ridge Middle-school.

ii) Minnetonka District School

Minnetonka school district is also well endowed with amazing schools. There are more than ten schools in Minnetonka which serve 28% of the population of school goers. Most of the students in Minnetonka attend the Minnetonka High School. We also have the Minnetonka Middle School East, the Clear Springs Elementary and the Scenic Heights Elementary.

  1. Minnetonka High School

This is a public school which was established in 1952 and has an enrollment of 3017 students. This school’s colors are Royal Blue and White. The school fares well when it comes to standardized test results. It runs both the IB Diploma and Advanced Placement programs. Actually, according to the U.S Department of Education, Minnetonka is referred to as the National School of Excellence. The school was issued a Five-star rating by the Minnesota Department of Education.

If you are interested in living in Chanhassen, it is crucial that you also get yourself well acquainted in the district schools in Chanhassen. There are varying degrees of quality in the education provided by these schools. This should not discourage you from picking any of the schools highlighted above. We have gone through a painstaking process of analyzing these schools before discussing them here today. This is to ensure that you only have the best schools to choose from.  This also means that there are many other schools we have not covered. There is a chance that you could also like to get a look at some of these schools. Fortunately, both of the school districts in Chanhassen have a website from which you can get details about the schools within that specific district. This arrangement is useful especially to newcomers in Chanhassen.

I always encourage people to carry out their research because it is important to have your opinions when it comes to choosing where your kids go to gain knowledge. Luckily, for you, Chanhassen provides you with a wide range of schools to choose from. Whether you are looking for a district school for your kindergarten going kids or for kids attending high school, Chanhassen will provide that for you. I hope this post today gives you a broader perspective of the district schools in Chanhassen.

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