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Welcome From Abundant Life Chiropractic

best_chiropractor_chanhassenWe wish to extend you a warm welcome here at Chanhassen Chiropractic. We’re happy you’re here and we’re excited that you’re taking the first steps to take control of your health and live a life of abundance.At Abundant Life Chiropractic, it’s truly about you. We pride ourselves on quality care, customer service, and 100% integrity. We focus not only on helping our patients achieve optimal health, but also to educate and transform communities so that they can help others in achieving our vision – to witness a world that expresses abundant health. Each and every day, we open our eyes and minds to new research and findings to ensure that our patients are receiving great care and experiencing exceptional results.

The word “chiropractor” can mean different things to different people. We always strive to be transparent in what we do. Abundant Life Chiropractic is a specialized neurological-based clinic, using a specific and scientific instrument adjusting technique called torque release technique (making us very unique to Carver county)

Due to the specificity of our technique, we are able to help patients from all ages and backgrounds. Ranging from children suffering from ADD/ADHD to adults with scoliosis and spinal disc problems.

Our entire team here at Chanhassen Chiropractic has a clear understanding that the body has an amazing innate power to heal, and that our job is to find the interference and be as specific as possible in removing it.

In working with children and performing specific adjustments, Dr. Knight says, “ A great chiropractor knows when to adjust but more importantly when not to adjust.”


What to expect on your first visit:

The initial visit starts with your consultation, a detailed examination and then specific neurological-based testing.


On your second visit:

Following the initial visit will be the Doctor’s report of findings; including a detailed interpretation of the testing results and the doctor’s recommendations on treatment and frequency of care.

Thank you for putting trust in our care.

Yours in health,
Dr. Knight

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