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The joy of a mother is delivering a newborn baby safely. Typically, most mothers are very consistent during prenatal care. According to statistics, more women think that postnatal care is important, but the number of women who visit a chiropractor after childbirth reduces by half the number of postpartum believers.  This is because most mothers forget that postnatal care is as important as prenatal care. They focus more on their baby’s needs and choose not to remember that their body needs regular checkup by a chiropractor. Others opt to ignore postnatal care because they do not experience any complications on the first few weeks after childbirth.


Choosing the Right Chiropractor

Most chiropractors will encourage a new mother to come back soon after 6 weeks of nursing the body. In addition, postnatal care will only take 6- 8 weeks. Therefore, what should you consider when choosing the right chiropractor?

  • A good chiropractor will understand your body.
  • Ask, or read reviews to know how much experience your preferred chiropractor has with pregnant women. This is because the mother’s body goes through numerous changes that hence it needs sensitivity while handling it.
  • Check on your medical insurance.

In this article, we emphasise the need of postnatal care. Regardless of the type of birth you underwent, it is essential that you receive attention from a qualified chiropractor. Here’s is why;

  1. Chiropractor Helps in Pelvic Alignments

Normally, the pelvic girdle is the part of the body that contributes to keeping the body balanced as one takes on their regular daily duties. It ensures that your upper body’s weight is in line with the lower part. During pregnancy, nevertheless, some changes take place for the accommodation of the fetus in the womb. The body releases the hormone relaxin, which is present in both men and women, to help in making the bones around that area to become loose. This is to ensure that the pelvis expands so that the baby can fit through the birth canal during delivery.

Additionally, this hormone can cause instability, leaks, weaken your back and pelvic muscles, and cause you to feel a lot of pain during sex after you deliver the baby. You must ensure that a new mother goes to the hospital to get all these pains fixed up. Also, remember that your posture changes during pregnancy because of the baby’s weight. Therefore, a chiropractor will help you fix this imbalance. The exercises contribute to reducing the amount of pain you may experience when you have pelvis, upper and lower back pains, which also interferes with the way you stand.

  1. Helps to Reduce Depression

A baby gives the mother a particular joy after it arrives. On the other hand, some mothers can find it hard to cope with the pain that comes with delivering the baby. This is regardless of whether it was cesarian or vaginal childbirth. Both of them can be extremely painful.  Additionally, the following are some of the things that can cause postpartum depression:

  • Hormonal changes in the mother’s body can create a huge change in her moods.
  • Taking care of newborns can be a challenge to a new mother sometimes. This is because they will keep you awake during the night when you are supposed to be asleep. This can cause the mother to be easily irritated over small issues. Additionally, lack of sleep can cause changes in body and mind functioning
  • Some mothers become scared or nervous because they may feel unknowledgeable on how to nurse the baby successful This challenge is prevalent for mothers who have just delivered their firstborn

Other factors that can cause depression are conflicts with the spouse if the mother is raising the baby alone and when the mother lacks any support socially. Many women think that this is normal whereas that is not the case.  A chiropractor will show you how to deal with these issues because they can turn out hazardous.

  1. Helps the Mother Know How to Feed

Diet is essential when it comes to matters concerning the growth of the baby and the mother as well. The baby not only benefits physically from the mother’s breast milk. It also helps the toddler to grow psychologically. Additionally, mothers need to feed as they breastfeed the baby. A balanced diet is crucial to provide the energy needed in running daily tasks. Therefore, a visit to the chiropractor will help the mother know which are the best foods and fluids that she requires to feed on to ensure that the baby feeds well.

Additionally, many women look forward to losing the baby weight. This extra weight comes in during pregnancy because many women usually develop an unhealthy eating disorder. Eating well may also contribute to reduced stress levels that may occur during the nursing period. As a mother, see to it that you eat well as an improper diet can cause you to feel fatigued. However, eating well does not mean that it takes away the fatigue. No. It simply means that you feel better and energetic when you have eaten the right amount of food and fluid.

  1. Helps to Deal with Sciatica

Sciatica is an infection that occurs especially during pregnancy. Generally, the sciatic nerve will face increased pressure from the current weight of the developing baby in the womb and the additional weight that the mother gains during pregnancy. Therefore, having back pains and sciatica will probably be normal. Doctors, however, insist that the pain should gradually end within a few weeks after childbirth. On the other hand, some women do not experience any pain whereas, for some, the pain does not end. The mother should ensure that the chiropractor knows about this condition.

Legs pains and numbness may be one of the signs that the mother has sciatica. This is the reason why women should seek a qualified chiropractor to deal with this problem after childbirth. The good news is that a chiropractor will not use any drugs on the mother. He/she will manipulate the body so that the healing occurs naturally. This is essential for nursing mothers. However, for a more chronic sciatic situation, the chiropractor will recommend a good doctor that will help to deal with the problem.

  1. It helps you to deal with issues with Posture

Posture changes are normal during pregnancy. This is because the mother needs to find stability required when carrying the baby. The centre of gravity changes due to the position of the spine during pregnancy. Additionally, issues with sciatica and pelvic pain can cause the mother to change posture in how she sits or stands. After childbirth, you should ensure that you visit a chiropractor to give you tips on how you should sit, stand, exercise, carry your baby, and how to hold and rock the baby.

Remember that the chiropractor will also do regular checkups on the baby so that he/she can deal with changes in the baby’s posture. Thus, postnatal care will not be something that you want to neglect. With all the hormonal, emotional and physical changes, it is possible that these can limit a new mother’s joy while taking care of the child and loving her husband. Therefore, a chiropractor will give the mother decent advice that she needs for the normal development of the baby. In addition, women who go through postnatal care recover quickly from any pain that they have.

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