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If you have been to Chanhassen, you will agree with me straightaway that it is a haven for not only holiday goers but for those seeking a peaceful getaway from a busy daily routine. Chanhassen has burst to life as a very attractive place to live. This can be partly attributed to the cultural background of the area as well as the hospitality of the locals.  There are many things to be proud of for those who live in Chanhassen. Talk about fun, and we have then Chanhassen’s 4th of July. This is an event that features a plentiful list of activities to blow your mind away. Fireworks decorate the dark sky at night and songs fill the streets during the day. If you are looking for a place which cherishes the cultural ties it has, then you should not miss out on this Twin Cities suburb.


Historically, the town of Chanhassen is a fairly old town. It was first inhabited by the Joseph Kessler, Joseph Vogel and their families. These were German farmers from St. Paul who were simply looking for farming claims to stake out. This was in the year 1852 and perhaps the reason for the spirit of farming shown be the inhabitants of this great town.

A Catholic church was later established in 1865 named St. Hubert. When settler later arrived from St. Paul Railroad and the Milwaukee in 1896, the place was incorporated. In the year 1967, this great town was transformed into a city. More than 500 business run their operations in Chanhassen providing a livelihood to 24,967 people.

The décor of Chanhassen

When looking for a place to love, there are a lot of things that we always look out for. Nevertheless, one thing that pulls us is the physical and aesthetic appeal created by the place. The city incorporates amazing exterior adventure. This includes the 1,200 acres Minnesota Arboretum.

The numerous parks which help to make the city relaxing and reassuring will amaze you. These parks are free to every member of the community. The parks are perhaps the reason as to why Chanhassen was ranked as the 7th best town to live in 2015. This ranking was done by the Money Magazine.

Theaters in Chanhassen

When someone says they come from a given town, there is always that itching question you are bound to ask them. “What is good about where you come from?” Well for this city’s residents, there is a lot more to be proud of about this pretty town than just a name. For instance, take one look at the great theaters in Chanhassen. If you want to spend away an entire evening, simply book your reservation at any one of these theaters and let the time fly.

The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, for instance, is among the popular theaters in this town. The folks in Chanhassen prefer the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre for obvious reasons. The theater attracts a massive 300,000 visitors annually.

The people here are great movies enthusiasts. This is perhaps the reason as to why many theater outlets are setting up shop in town. You will find the evenings worth spending out because individuals do.

There are two notable schools which are the pride of this city. The people of this city pride themselves in these schools not because there are in the locality but because of the high-performance students achieve.

Chanhassen High School

The Chanhassen High School is notably among the best schools in the greater state of Minnesota. According to a survey carried out by the U.S. News & World, the Chanhassen High School was ranked as the 11th best school in Minnesota. At least 60% of students who attend Chanhassen High School undertake one or several Advanced Placement courses.

The amazing stat about this high school and perhaps one which makes every parent want to take their kids here is the high rate of postgraduate enrollment.  Reports suggest that of all the students who graduate from Chanhassen High School, more than 95% of them pursue postgraduate studies.

The people of Chanhassen have a culture of promoting their own. This is the reason why all the children who have grown up in Chanhassen pass through the two popular schools located in the region. It is hard to find residents of Chanhassen enroll their children in schools outside the city. Well, we can blame them for wanting their kids to excel.

The cultural diversity of the Chanhassen Community

You will be happy to know that the cultural events are an everyday occasion. Pass by a crowd, and you will probably be invited for a bible talk. Attend a church service ones, and you are in for an invitation to an upcoming wedding ceremony. Walk into the city hall on any Friday, and you are likely to find lawmakers and village elders planning how to make Chanhassen great.

There is not a single day that passes by without new visitors dropping in town. Although you might be surprised by how less frequent people move out of town, it has a charm of its own. This charm seems to be pulling back every visitor from leaving the amazing Twin City hub.

I could not compare Chanhassen to some amazing places I know such as Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, India, and others but I can state for a fact that, Chanhassen provides enough reason for its residents to be proud of it. You can easily tell of the unity and cultural harmonization of Chanhassen due to lack of distinct ethnocultural boundaries. People who come to the city make up one great community. This is the reason why it is so hard to find distinct ethnic groups and social groupings.

It helps to know that when in town, you will be seen as any other local. Irrespective of your cultural background, in Chanhassen, everyone belongs. This is the reason why this city has no ethnocentrism. It is one people, one culture. Although different cultures tend to provide roots to one’s background, they also tend to form targets for malicious conspiracies and hatred.  We can gladly attribute the low crime rate in the city to the cultural assimilation. People are taught to see each as a member of one large community.

Most regions will attract people because of the many cultures that exist distinctively from each other. This is perhaps one of the few cities that are in the opposite lane of that traffic. Personally, I find it attractive to live in Chanhassen because it totally drowns individual cultural beliefs. This is replaced by a wholesome concept of accepting each as an empty cultural vessel ready to take up and accept the culture of the whole town. This is the cultural pride of Chanhassen. Something everyone who has been to this town should able to distinguish.

Many people come to town with their beliefs. I for one have spent so much time in this amazing town that any culture I know is what I have picked up in Chanhassen. I do not recommend that you forget your cultural heritage, but if you are looking for a place that will not scrutinize your culture, then Chanhassen should be your ideal destination. Trust me; you will fall in love with this amazing Twin Cities hub.


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