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Antibiotics for Ear Infections Can Destroy Your Child’s Immune System

Ear Infection

At some point or another, most parents have to face the challenges of a sick child. Like most parents, if your child ever gets sick, you are willing to do whatever it takes to alleviate their pain.  Most commonly resulting in a speedy trip to the doctor for a quick fix medication.

Recent research has been questioning the efficacy of antibiotics in treating ear infections in young kids.

The journal of New England Medicine published a study concluding that by the age of 2 the average  kid will suffer from at least one ear infection.  The study also concluded that over 90% of childhood ear infections are of viral cause.  Yes that is correct, viral cause, not bacterial.

If this study is correct, this means that 90% of children ear infections treated with antibiotics are treated incorrectly.

A lot of parents ask why is this topic of such concern?  The answer does not lie within the ear infection not being treated properly, but instead, in what the antibiotics are doing to the gut lining of the child.

Most parents and even a lot of doctors do not fully understand the function of the gut bacteria.  The bacteria lining the stomach and intestines serves a major purpose in overall immunity.  Guyton’s Physiology textbook, states that 80% of the human immune function correlates back to gut health.  Meaning if you have a bad gut, this will ultimately result in a bad immune system…  Please understand, I am not saying to never take antibiotics.  Instead, I am saying be very careful in using them.  Understand that you cannot control what bacterial the antiobitic wipes out, or where the antibiotic is controlled to.

So…  Are you tired of your kid having reoccuring ear infections?  Does you child get sick several times every single year?  Have you been told tubes are the only answer, or removal of tonsils and adenoids?  If you answered yes to any of these, there is a new answer.  A safe natural alternative to a sick child and re-occuring ear infections.

First you must understand what is causing the ear infection?

First things first, you need to establish what is causing the ear infection.  Is it viral?  Is it bacterial?  Most pediatricians are still teaching that ear infections come from “tubes being too horizontal early in life.”  While that is not entirely untrue, it does not solve the whole equation.

I have been successfully treating ear infections for the past 3 years and found three very common themes.

  1.  The majority of ear infections are caused by some sort of skull, upper cervical spinal trauma early in the child’s life.  This leads to poor neuromuscular function of the tubes resulting in a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum and a nasty, painful ear infection.
  2. A poor nutritional diet including a toxic accumulation leads to the rise of inflammation within the child’s body and the build up of excess fluid and mucus in the ear.  Making it very difficult for a young child’s ear to drain naturally.
  3. The overuse of antibiotics.  Over two-thirds of the children we treat at Chanhassen Chiropractic for ear infections have been on multiple rounds of antibiotics (for a non-bacterial ear infection).  This leads to a weakened immune system, making the child more susceptible to pathogenic invasion, and what MD’s are diagnosing as “re-occuring ear infections.”

Do not rush to a solution!

If you read anything in this post, it needs to be this… Do not rush to a solution.  Figure our what is causing your child’s ear infections.  Once you understand the cause of the ear infection, the only solution will be to remove it.

At Abundant Life Chiropractic, our doctors are highly skilled in pediatrics and treating children with ear infections.  A safe first step would be an analysis of the upper cervical spine and skull to see if there is damage blocking the drainage of the ear tubes.  All consultations to see if your child is a candidate for chiropractic care are done at no cost.  Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

If your child does indeed have damage to the spine and skull, then one of our doctors will lay out an effective plan of action to treat the ear infections naturally and drug-free.  Dr. Knight, the office director, is certified with advanced proficiency in torque release technique.  This means every adjustment is done very specifically with an instrument.  You will not have to worry about any loud popping or clicking of the neck and spine.

Call now at 952.300.8338 for an initial consultation.