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Pinched Nerve – Try Chiropractic Treatment First

If you or a loved one has experience a pinched nerve, you know all to well it can put a serious toll on your health and mental well-being.


Pinched nerves can range from waking up and not even being able to roll out of bed to not being able turn your head and look out your mirrors driving.  When patients present to Abundant Life Chiropractic they commonly say, “I do not know how this came to be, or I just woke up like this.”  Though their statements are true, usually pinched nerves do not just happen all at once.  A lot of times there was a straw that broke the camels back, or in this case YOUR back…

When analyzing a patient with pinched nerve problems, the first thing to take into consideration is the structural biomechanics of the spine which houses and protects the nerves themselves.  The spine has a very specific alignment and position which it is suppose to continually be in.  This position is designed for two reasons.  1.  To protect the delicate tissues of the nervous system.  2.  To absorb shock and bear all weight that the body presents itself with on a daily basis.   The American lifestyle of sitting at desk, continually texting/usage of electronics, contact sports, and automobile accidents leads to major alterations in the spinal biomechanics overtime.  Ultimately, resulting in the straw that broke the camels back.

In order to effectively and efficiently correct a pinched nerve, one needs the source of the pinched nerve problem analyzed by a professional at Chanhassen Chiropractic.

Symptoms that a nerve is pinched or damaged

Common pinched nerve symptoms range from but are not limited to:

-Sciatica, neuropathy, headaches, problems turning your head from side to side, muscular spasms, sharp pain, searing pain, burning pain and many more…

These are just some of the common symptoms of having a potential pinched nerve or damaged nerve.  The best thing to do, is NOT wait for a warning sign of pain shooting down your leg or pain referring back into your head.  At Abundant Life Chiropractic, our doctors always suggest to be proactive instead of reactive in nature.  Meaning please do not wait for the straw to break the camels back. Call now at 952.300.8338 for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION.

Drug-Free Treatment

The clinic director at Abundant Life Chiropractic, a Chanhassen Chiropractor, Dr. Ben Knight believes in always starting with a conservative approach when it comes to your health care needs.  What this means, is to first search for the cause of your problem instead of chasing for a magical solution.  Dr. Knight and his team of spinal care specialist have coined a natural treatment for symptoms of nerve pain.  It is safe, easy, and very effective.  Meaning long-lasting results for most of their patients.  The team of spinal care specialist at Chanhassen Chiropractic are all extensively trained in spinal corrective care.  Click the link below to read what their patients are saying about care!