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Generally, a chiropractic doctor is anyone who has specialized knowledge and experience in treating problems with the nervous system & musculoskeletal disorder. The chiropractic community believes that any health issues which arise in these areas could result in high risk of illnesses. The reason for this is that you could end up with a low resistance to fight off diseases. For the purpose of treating these illnesses, a chiropractor will administer treatment by manipulating the spine. Through this, he or she will be able to realign the joints in the spine. This should help boost your health, and you may not even have to undergo surgery. Once the spine and its joints are properly in alignment, the body heals itself naturally. It is the responsibility of the chiropractic doctor to provide general information regarding the overall effect of lifestyle factors on a patient’s health.

A chiropractor may not perform surgical operations, but they can give you advice on which specialist to see. This is often the case when your health conditions fall beyond their reach as a chiropractic doctor. And as always, before your doctor administers treatment, they will collect your health history. If necessary, the doctor may have to carry out laboratory tests to diagnose your condition. Chiropractic doctors could use various treatment methods. Among these methods are, acupuncture, ultrasound, water, heat, and massage.


While not so many are striving to be chiropractic doctors, I can hint to you that in the next few years, the field of chiropractic is going to have a 20% increase in job creation. This means that unlike other professions, the field of chiropractic is a good place to start planning a career bearing in mind that competition is not as stiff as elsewhere. Furthermore, chiropractic doctors are guided by a well-organized chiropractic association that has an influence throughout the world. The chiropractic community is doing its best to bring the awareness about the invaluable contribution of doctors of chiropractic to the society in general.

In addition, it is now becoming more apparent that chiropractic treatment is of more value and can cure a wide range of illnesses than before. This means that if you are planning to be a chiropractor, one thing you will never run out of is work. The community needs chiropractic doctors now more than ever. This is one profession that has received recognition all over the world. In fact, in some societies, chiropractic doctors are more sought after than conventional doctors. It is no doubt therefore that it is just a matter of time before chiropractic starts creating as many jobs as any other medical profession.

Pre-requisites For those striving to be Chiropractic Doctors

I know most of you reading this may have realized by now that you could make a prosperous career in the field of chiropractic. You are all welcome, but there are a few things you must be aware of first. These are what I am referring to as the pre-requisites for future chiropractic doctors. One thing is clear; you cannot become chiropractor without the necessary training. Similarly, you cannot engage patients without the proper licenses. Luckily, with chiropractic, nothing is ever far-fetched. You could be the best chiropractic doctor because the field of chiropractic is well equipped to make you one. We have some of the most advanced and well-staffed training centers in the entire education system. But for you to join these institutions, you must achieve the following pre-requisites;

i. A word for high school students

If you are in high school and have already envisioned yourself as being one of the best chiropractors in the world, you must first finish the pre-college curriculum. The chiropractic college preparatory curriculum includes a three of four-year completion of mathematics, English, social studies, and sciences. Getting computer classes and business related subjects is also an added advantage.

ii. For College students

For college students, I would start by mentioning this, be weary of the colleges you attend. Make sure that you are in a college institution which will expose you to a medical or health related environment. With this said, enrolling in a college which offers you a strong science course or any pre-medical degree course is a great plus.

It is advisable to enroll in one of those colleges that have an affiliation with schools of chiropractic training. If you want to attend a chiropractic school after college, try and research on that particular school. Find out if there are any colleges the school has an affiliation with. Generally, it is always advisable to undertake subjects such as biology, physics, and chemistry. These are usually given more weight when it comes to placing students in medical courses and degree programs.

Once you complete your studies from the school of chiropractic, you will graduate with a doctorate in chiropractic medicine. Depending on the country you wish to practice your chiropractic profession in, there are authorities mandated with ensuring that chiropractic curriculums are of a standard quality. In the United States, for instance, The Council for Chiropractic Education has been granted this role. The CCE has only accredited 15 chiropractic schools in the United States. Of these 15 institutions, you can enroll at any of their 18 locations countrywide. You can find these chiropractic institutions on the CCE website.

iii. The Chiropractic Training involved

The chiropractic training takes four years during which you will be taught academic and scientific skills. These skills and technical know-how will assist you to become an expert as a chiropractor. During your final year of study in the chiropractic school, you will have to spend some time in practice. While undertaking your practice, you will be expected to perform normal functions as a chiropractic doctor. You will be assigned a professional chiropractor to guide you through the entire period of practice.

For a successful completion of your four-year course, future chiropractic doctors must complete an intensive study of musculoskeletal conditions. Also to be studied is holistic as well as nutritional health. The program will also focus on oriental medicine as well as acupuncture. Course hours spent in anatomy, chemistry, diagnosis and chiropractic techniques as well as philosophy will also be accounted for.

In addition, all would-be chiropractors will have to sit for an NBCE set national board exam. This test is issued twice in an academic year. And usually, the test is split into Part I and Part II.

iv. The Licensing

Finally, you must be certified for you to be legally recognized as a chiropractor. You must be aware that although the same body oversees the curriculum and tests nationally, the state licensure of chiropractic doctors might vary. And just to be on the safe side, make sure you research the state regulations before completing your doctorate in chiropractic medicine program. To assist you, I could refer you to the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board which will give you all the information you need to know about the states’ on licensure.

Having gone through all these, I believe you are now set to become a chiropractor. Of course, there is always room for advanced education and additional training to sharpen your skills as a chiropractor. I hope you find this information valuable as you commit to becoming an expert chiropractic doctor.

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