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It’s back to school time! We can all agree that backpacks can’t be beat when it comes to staying organized. They are a chiropractor’s favorite bag because the weight of the pack is evenly distributed across the body — this lets the body’s strongest muscles, the abs and back, support the weight.

Red backpack standing isolated on white background

As you stock up on fresh clothes, school supplies, and a new backpack this year, let’s take a moment to consider the best way to wear a backpack and protect your back.

  • Pack it light – backpacks should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight
  • Pack the heaviest items closest to your back – this helps the materials not slide around in the pack
  • Use all three straps when wearing the pack – both shoulder straps and the hip strap
  • Wear straps 2 inches below the shoulder blades so that the pack sits snugly on your back


Remember to pack it light and wear it right this school year!