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We want to help our patients live their lives to the fullest, and thanks to Distractify, we’ve been able to assemble a list of 20 things you can do now to make sure life’s a little better by the time you turn 50.

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Someone interviewed several 50+ year olds about the things they wished they had done in their younger years. Their answers are not only wise, but in most cases, simple. If you’ve recently had a big birthday, check out this list!

  1. Don’t smoke. And if you already do, stop immediately. It’s expensive, smells terrible, and is guaranteed to cause health problems. STOP.
  2. Eat well. Give up fast food. Fuel your body with whole foods that will fuel your health for decades to come.
  3. Stay close (or get close) with parents and siblings. Even if you don’t see eye to eye on certain issues, family will see you through thick and thin. Invest in yours.
  4. Wear sunscreen. You don’t want wrinkles, sun damaged skin, or possibly skin cancer. Put on that sunscreen before heading outside – your skin will thank you.
  5. Exercise regularly. Get up and get moving – the truth of the matter is that being overweight creates all sorts of health issues for your body – combat weight gain and boost endorphins with a regular exercise routine.
  6. Save money! Save early, and save often, so that when you’re in your 50s you’re not sweating over your retirement fund.
  7. Be content in all circumstances. Be happy with what you have – things do not make you happy – you choose to be happy.
  8. Go after your goals. Want to buy a house? Have kids? Start your own business? Run a marathon? Then do it! Don’t put off your goals, go after them.
  9. Catch some zzzz’s. Sleep resets your body, restores your energy, and rejuvenates your mind. Make getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night a priority.
  10. Take care of your teeth. Actually show up for your dentist appointments. Brush your teeth 2x a day. FLOSS. By doing these things you’ll avoid future painful and expensive dental procedures!
  11. Choose memories over possessions. Don’t wake up one morning in your 50s and realize you spent your life collecting things instead of making memories. 
  12. Give back. Whether you give back money or time, invest in something your heart cares about, and expect nothing for it in return.
  13. Be brave. Attempt one thing every day that scares you. Ask your boss for that raise. Stand up to your mother-in-law. Try doing a handstand. Whatever it is, look fear in the face and squash it.
  14. Read! Exercise your brain by reading at least 10 books a year – real books – not books on your eReader – nothing beats the feeling of turning a real page.
  15. Travel. Whenever you can, wherever you can, travel. See anyone and everyone and anything and everything. Travel makes for amazing experiences you’ll be so glad you soaked up!
  16. Mediate and relax. Taking a small amount of time each day to relax and focus on the positive things in your life is good for the body and soul.
  17. Find out who you are. Start figuring out who you are right now so that when you reach your 50s you’re not only confident in yourself, but are able to truly love yourself and enjoy life, weird quirks and all!
  18. Keep a journal. By writing down all your memories – good and bad – you’ll have a written account of what truly mattered to you in your life and what life events shaped you into the person you are today.
  19. Buy a house. If you buy a house in your 30s, by the time you’re in your 50s it’ll be paid for!
  20. Take care of your friends. Find people in your life that challenge you and who you genuinely enjoy. Nurture them, take care of them, laugh with them, go on adventures with them, travel with them, and love them well.


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