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Stretching before a workout helps release tension and makes workouts more effective. If you skip stretching, you could be shortchanging your exercise results! You can use the following stretches before or after your workouts to loosen your muscles and improve your results.

sporty girl practicing eka pada rajakapotasana one-legged king pigeon pose

  • Cat/Cow – releases lower back and stretches hips
  • Bridge Pose – stretches back, shoulders, arms, hips, and quads
  • Pigeon Pose – stretches glutes, groin, and hips
  • Bow Stretch – stretches abs, hips, groin, quads, ankles
  • C-Curve – stretches lower back
  • Modified Cobra – stretches abdominals and releases lower back tension

What are some of your favorite stretches to incorporate into your workout routine? Share in the comments below!

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