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Rotary clubs have gained popularity over the years. They consist of prominent people who gang up in the efforts to make the world a better place. Most of these organisations have done a lot in making sure that they offer humanitarian aid to needy people in their community and around the world. Most of the rotary organizations focus on service to humanity. In addition, they will raise funds to; help to provide a community with clean water; contribute to promoting peace in the world; eradication of diseases; educating the poor, and contribute to help their local economy grow. One of the most successful rotary clubs we have is the Chanhassen Rotary Club.  The organization has grown over the years to offer humanitarian assistance in various parts of the world.

In this article, we will explore the organization and its efforts to help humankind globally and locally.


History of the club

During a charter night at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, the rotary club received its charter. This is in the year 1987. The Eden Prairie Rotary Club sponsored the charter. At this time, it had only 36 active members. These included 34 men and two women. Tom Hamilton, the Chanhassen mayor, was the president of the club when it received the charter.

Over the years, the Chanhassen Rotary Club has brought in different professionals from diverse backgrounds. With over 32000 branches globally, the organisation has 55 workers. Additionally, more than 1.2 million people work voluntarily with the organisation. Some of the professionals come from the local city, Chanhassen, while others come from different parts of the world.

Soon after the club got the charter, the organization immediately started a campaign that would help in the fight against polio. This program has run over time until today.

Roles of the Chanhassen Rotary Organization

  • Chanhassen Rotary Organization is a nonprofit organization. They typically depend on fundraisers. Their money comes from the dedicated members and the public as well. In a year, they raise up to $190,000.
  • In addition, they support the local community in helping them to do their projects. These include projects such as building recreational facilities such as fields.
  • They hold events that promote social interactions among the people of Chanhassen.
  • Chanhassen Rotary Organization have extended their efforts to reach the underdeveloped parts of the world. They provide funds that help the people in this area to provide water, food, and shelter.
  • The rotary club do their best to promote education. This includes sponsoring children who have a hard time learning at school, and those that lack school fees. However, they do tests to the student applicants before deciding who will get the full sponsorship
  • The rotary club also runs mentorship programs to motivate the students as they learn
  • They also have exchange programs for students

Chanhassen Rotary Club’s Forums & Events 

  1. Strive Program

This is a program aimed at helping children improve their grades at school. The rotary club builds a relationship with their students using the Strive program. Besides, Chanhassen Rotary Club in conjunction with the Chaska Rotary Club, does its best to motivate kids in Chaska High School improve their grades. They hold motivational talks that help the student become a better time planner, become responsible for their lives and dictate how their future will be by planning it. The clubs also sponsors students that show some improvement in their grades.

For a student to get a scholarship from the club, they must undergo a lot of scrutiny of various documents. These include;

  • How they perform at school
  • Their application
  • Essays that they write in school
  • Finally, they should include the hours they serve in the rotary
  1. Working Hand in Hand with CAP Agency

The Community Action Partnership, CAP, is an agency that helps to support and empower families and the localities.  They collaborate with Chanhassen Rotary Club to empower these families that live in Scott, Dakota, and Carver counties.

  1. The ShelterBox CampOut

This campaign helps to raise funds for shelter boxes. These shelters act as places of rest for victims during civil wars and other natural calamities. The shelterBoxes usually include;

  • Stove
  • Tent
  • Water purification tools
  • Utensils
  1. 4th of July Event

This date is important in the United States Calendar. On this day, the Rotarians organise an event where they enjoy beer from a beer garden with which the Chanhassen Rotary Club sponsors. Additionally, there are events such as parades and car shows. During the event, which more than 8,000 people attend, people enjoy seeing fireworks and live music. Besides, people drink a lot of beer. The organization usually provides up to 100 kegs that the people Chanhassen consume

  1. Youth Exchange Program

The Chanhassen Rotary Club awards a student to enjoy learning in the United States of America away from their culture. Other events that the Rotary Club runs include the February Fest and the Breakfast with Santa. In addition, they serve pancakes during the breakfast.

Places/ Communities That the Chanhassen Rotary Club Has Donated To

  • The club has helped Chimbote, a city in Peru, to deal with the issue of employment and the rate of crime. The organization joins effort with churches to sponsor projects that deal with infrastructure and a small lending program. They rotary gives up to three containers each year to aid this community.
  • They also help the people of Honduras to deal with the issue of contaminated water that has caused most child deaths in the area. The Rotary clubs installed a PVC pipe, which is 9 miles long, shovels, picks, and wheelbarrows in the remote village of Santa Cruz.
  • The Rotary Club gave shelter boxes to the homeless mothers and children who were victims of the 2005 civil war. Consequently, they also provided victims of the Pakistan earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, and the millions of people victimized by the Tsunami in Asia
  • The rotary raised some money for the Love, INC. The money helped the group buy some land to build a warehouse that was to act as a store for furniture and a truck that transported the furniture to help people in need
  • The provided funds to TreeHouse to create a garden for young adults to hang around and play
  • Through various donations, the club raised $48,000 that helped build an archery range and fields for the Camp Fire Girls.
  • In addition, the Tulip Gala, which was first held in 2005, contributed to raise a fundraiser event that happens annually in Chanhassen city.

Every year the Chanhassen Rotary Club gets new members from individuals who benefited from the organization. They also accept interested members who come from other Rotary Clubs. Also, the club visits other clubs in efforts to help them with their projects and events.  The club also awards funds to other organizations during the Above and Beyond Gala. They club holds the event yearly, and through the live auction, they choose a company that they will collaborate with to finish their projects. However, they will invite different nonprofit organizations to apply for the award. Furthermore, the Chanhassen Rotary Club also has nothing to do with religion and politics. However, it works hand in hand with religious organizations and the government to serve its community, the nation, and the world.

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