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Natural Treatment for Allergies and Asthma

By April 1, 2015February 10th, 2016Blog

chanhassen_chiropracticYour Chanhassen chiropractic solution to allergy and breathing problems can be found at Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center.

Do you have trouble breathing? Has congestion caused you to miss out on normal, everyday activities because it’s just too much for you to handle? There are many– MANY– people who have severe allergies, breathing problems– even asthma, and these things rob us of living a more abundant life. Not cool.

How can a chiropractor help improve your breathing? Well, here’s the deal: your immune and respiratory systems depend on your brain and spinal cord communicating properly. When your neck gets misaligned, or something’s “off” with your spine, for instance, you experience problematic breathing. Things such as “upper cervical joint irritation” can exaggerate or even end up producing allergic and asthmatic symptoms.

Chanhassen chiropractic care at Abundant Life can involve an “adjustment” or “spinal decompression” in order to restore your body’s alignment. Therefore, your brain and spinal cord are able to communicate properly, again, and your breathing problems can go away.

While you could take a drug store antihistamine to deal with your allergies, an alternative to that involves chiropractic adjustments which help your adrenal gland release cortisol– an anti-inflammatory which acts as an antihistamine.

What’s the first thing a person does when it’s hard to breathe? They give up doing things that require a lot of breathing, like exercise. Have you ballooned up to the point where your pants from last year aren’t fitting anymore? People may think you eat unhealthy foods– and you probably do!– but it could also be that your problems breathing have contributed to your weight gain. We decide for ourselves not to exercise because we fear not being able to breathe, and, in many cases, it’s physically hard to maintain a fast walking pace when we feel like we’re gasping for air, our heads are stuffed up, and we’d rather be sleeping.

Now Abundant Life in Chanhassen is a chiropractic care center dedicated to helping you kickstart the new you– it’s time to enjoy “a breath of fresh air.” Email to make an appointment to see the Doctor at Chanhassen Chiropractic and get relief from your allergies, asthma and breathing problems.

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