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Migraine Specialist

By October 6, 2015April 17th, 2018Blog, Headaches

Chanhassen_Migraine_SpecialistMedication is not always the answer for migraines. You should talk with Dr. Ben Knight, your Chanhassen migraine specialist, to see what he can do for you and your migraine pain without resorting to medication.

Did you know that it’s estimated that more than half a million Minnesotans get migraines or headaches? It’s one of the main health complaints of people in Minnesota.

Most people resort to taking common painkillers like aspirin to deal with their migraines. However, a new report by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has revealed those common painkillers could actually be causing more frequent headache episodes. In other words, it’s a vicious cycle. Get a migraine, take a pill, get another, take another pill… The pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money off your migraines!

That said, you should consider seeing Dr. Knight, your Chanhassen migraine specialist, to consider non-surgical nerve decompression treatments whereas the nerves causing the headaches are tended to by the doctor in an effort to naturally relieve the pain without surgery or medication. It’s safe, easy and affordable.

Dr. Knight uses advanced technology to diagnose the cause of your migraines followed by a unique program for decompressing the damaged nerve causing the migraines. Most patients notice an immediate relief from their pain, and it has proven to be quite an effective treatment, with many people saying their lives are so much better having had the chiropractic treatment done by Chanhassen migraine specialist Dr. Ben Knight.

Imagine your life with no more migraines– it can be so much easier to face each day when you’re not “ruined” by intense, debilitating headaches.

Dr. Knight, your migraine specialist, can also provide nutritional advice and give you exercises and relaxation techniques to help you deal with headache problems. Chiropractic adjustments to help improve spinal function and to alleviate stress on your system can also be done by the doctor.