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Natural Treatment for Neck Pain

By July 11, 2015February 10th, 2016Blog, Neck Pain, Neck Spasm

Chanhassen_neck_painAbundant Life Chiropractic Health Center’s Dr. Ben Knight is your Chanhassen neck pain doctor. He can help you alleviate neck pain, stiffness, numbness and tingling. If you suffer from tension between your shoulders and feel like you’re less productive than you should be, Dr. Knight helps Chanhassen neck pain sufferers through expert chiropractic care. The end result is a good one: increased productivity, more energy and the freedom to accomplish what you want to do without that nagging pain in the neck and/or shoulders.

Your neck supports the full weight of your head and contains several small vertebrae. Since it’s quite flexible, it’s also susceptible to injury via accidents, aging and good ol’ “wear and tear.”

If you’ve ever heard of the term “whiplash,” then you’re probably familiar with the idea that when your neck is forced to move suddenly (and unexpectedly) the muscles in the neck have to react by tightening and contracting. This leads to muscle fatigue which then means you feel pain and stiffness in your neck. Meanwhile, whiplash can also cause injury to discs, ligaments and nerve roots.

Neck pain can also come from growing older, poor posture, obesity and sitting for long periods in a stiff position. Whatever the source, know this: Chanhassen neck pain chiropractor Dr. Knight is who you should see in order to relieve your pain and correct your problems.

Dr. Knight performs neck adjustments applying hands-on manipulation to joints of the neck to improve your spine’s mobility and range of motion. Chiropractic care for neck pain helps you improve your ability to turn and tilt your head while alleviating pain, soreness and stiffness– without drugs or surgery.

Chanhassen neck pain sufferers do not need to suffer endlessly; Dr. Knight’s chiropractic care at Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center can help take away pains in the neck and shoulders. Call 952-300-8338 to make an appointment today.