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Neuropathy Specialist

By October 6, 2015April 17th, 2018Blog, Neuropathy, Services

Chanhassen_Neuropathy_SpecialistDr. Ben Knight of Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center should be your Chanhassen neuropathy specialist.

Do you suffer from leg cramping, pain when you walk, a prickling feeling in your hands or feet and/or a certain numbness or sharp/burning pain? You may have diabetic or peripheral neuropathy, which is a disease of the nerves. Or you might have nerve compression that needs to be addressed.

Neuropathy can be caused by autoimmune disorders, tumors, nutritional imbalances or infections, or diabetes. It can even be hereditary. Your Chanhassen neuropathy specialist can work with you to holistically manage the pain. He can help with your healing from nerve complications. Dr. Knight takes a whole body approach toward healing nerve damage.

When the nerves in your body are damaged or not working correctly, you should see your Chanhassen neuropathy specialist, Dr. Knight, to get a proper diagnosis so you can then start treatment. There are different types of neuropathies. It’s estimated that about 21 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy, with about 30% caused by diabetes.

If you’ve experienced chronic pain in your feet or hands, your Chanhassen neuropathy specialist will look for patterns of where the pain occurs using a physical exam and/or a lab test involving your feet, calves, fingers and hands.

Some of the keywords or phrases people use to explain their pain include “burning,” “tingling,” “pins and needles,” “itchy” and “sharp.” The pain may be constant or mostly noticeable at bedtime, interfering with sleep. It can also lead to depression as well as trouble with one’s sense of positioning– their positional awareness. Also, if you or someone you know has difficulty with their gait or balance, it’s time for a neurological examination by a professional.

Dr. Ben Knight, your Chanhassen neuropathy specialist, treats both acute (short term) and chronic (long term) nerve pain using well-established chiropractic procedures. To make an appointment to see Dr. Knight, please call 952-300-8338.