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Chanhassen chiropractic is focused on natural health and wellness of every individual.  Instead of treating patients with broad stroke solutions, they customize plans for each individual.  Dr. Ben Knight of Abundant Life Chiropractic says, “health care needs to take a shift, a drastic shift where instead of trying to provide solutions to everyone, doctors look for the cause of the individuals problem.  Until that happens, Americans will continually find themselves in the downward spiraling cycle of more drugs and surgery.”


Chanhassen Chiropractic says there are 4 pillars to a healthy individual.

Pillar #1 – A Clear Understanding of Health and Wellness

In order to heal the body naturally, one must first understand where all healing comes from.  The greatest doctor resides in each and every individual.  Every body has an innate healing ability to ward of bacteria, viruses, sickness and disease.  The body was designed to heal.  The first step in healing is understanding that healing does not come from outside sources, and that your body was not designed to breakdown.  Healing comes from the inside.  With that being said, we must dive deeper into what influences healing from the inside-out.

Pillar #2 – The Nervous System

The brain, spinal cord, and nervous system control every function of the body.   Including both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.   These two systems compose every action your body takes on a daily basis ranging from breathing, talking, eating, to exercising and working out.

If this system is so important, how can a person take care of it?  Due to the intricacy and complexity of the nervous system, it is the only bodily system completely surrounded by bone (the spinal column or vertebral column).  The spinal column is designed to have a specific structural alignment. Back Pain

Chiropractors, not only specialize in health and wellness, but they are the only doctors trained specifically on the nervous system.  A chiropractors main priority is to locate damaged areas of the spinal column compromising the health of the nervous system (a misalignment, fixation, or subluxation).  Upon finding areas of damage, the chiropractors job is the correct the damage with as little force as possible to position the spinal column via adjustments back to its natural alignment.  When the health of the nervous system is restored, the body’s nervous system can function at an optimal level.

Pillar #3 – Nutrition

It is no myth that nutrition is important to ones health and wellness.  But how important is it?  The fact that every cell, tissue and organ in a persons body is composed of the nutritional content of what they just ingested, should be enough for a person to decide to put good foods into their body.  There are a few simple steps one can take to eliminate bad nutrition from their diet.

1.  Avoid processed carbohydrates ie:  breads, noodles, cereals, breakfast bars, waffles, pop tarts and many more.  Thanks to an enzyme called amylase, processed carbohydrates all break down to sugars within 4 seconds of being on the tongue.  Processed carbohydrates are like having dessert for breakfast.

2.  Eat healthy saturated fats.  Fats are the precursor for every hormone in the body and are a very important component of healthy brain development.  They make up the protective cellular membrane of every cell in the body and serve as our primary energy source (also known as ATP).  Not to mention, you must eat good fats to actually burn fat.

Healthy Saturated Fats include:  avocados, coconut, coconut oil, raw nuts, organic butter, organic grass-fed beef chicken and fish, organic cheese, eggs etc..

3.  Start your morning with protein.  Protein is a major building block of every muscle in your body.  Due to recovery, the body uses much of it’s protein stores at night time to aid in the healing process.  This in turn, leads to protein deficiency upon waking up in the morning.  A great way to start the day off right is with a healthy source of protein.

Pillar #4 – Exercise

Jim Fix invented jogging in the 1950’s, taking the idea of exercising for health and wellness benefits by storm.  The healthiest, most scientifically backed exercise, is interval training, specifically high intensity, low duration interval training.  This type of exercise generally takes 15-20 minutes maximum and involves going at a 90% intensity rate for 30 to 45 seconds.  Then resting to recover for 15-30 seconds for a total of 15 to 20 minutes workout time.

The reason interval training is incredibly healthy for people of all ages is the effect it has one specific hormones.  When exercising at a 90% capacity your body spikes good hormones like growth hormone, which promotes health at a cellular level.  All while suppressing bad hormones like cortisol (the stress hormone), which is known to store fat and accelerate the aging process of the body.

If health and wellness is a priority for yourself, your loved ones, or your family, then the 4 pillars are a great starting point.  Make sure to follow the pillars in order from #1 – #4.  They rank in order of importance to achieving health and wellness for the body.  If you are in Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, or Victoria and searching for a health and wellness doctor, then look no further.  Dr. Knight at Abundant Life Chiropractic is an expert in the four pillars of health.  Call 952.300.8338 to schedule an initial consultation, or contact the office through their homepage.