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Chanhassen Chiropractor, teaches how to resolve your child’s neck spasm, often called torticollis, naturally without drugs or surgery.  Lets face it, kids are tough!  The average toddler will fall down enough times in day to hospitalize an adult.  Why is it that they can fall so many times, yet not get seriously injured?  Dr. Ben Knight of Abundant Life Chiropractic, specializes in children’s health and discusses how to avoid these falls leading to later long lasting problems.

Neck Spasm

Man with Neck Spasm commonly referred to as torticollis

How to avoid getting a neck spasm

The problem giving children neck spasms is not that kids fall too much.  Kids will be kids, we cannot do anything about that.  However, fall after fall can lead to a build up of postural injuries.  Eventually these postural injuries may cause symptoms like; neck spasm, torticollis, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, or even problems sleeping.   The only way to avoid getting an unwanted neck spasm is to address injuries before they have a chance to develop into a real problem.

Proper Treatment of a Neck Spasm

Neck spasms generally have three components to them.  A structural component (vertebral misalignment), a muscular component (sprain, strain), and a inflammatory component.

When kids fall off the slide, on the ice, or off their bike and land on a hard surface their body has to absorb the forces somewhere.  Whether it is absorbed in the neck, back, or legs, it will cause bio-mechanical changes to the structure of the body.  If the structural changes are not corrected, eventually the muscular component sets in with neck spasms and back spasms.  Step # 1 is seeing a Chanhassen chiropractor to correct the structural changes before they develop into pain and problems.

If you are already dealing with a neck spasm or back spasm from an old injury you will need to address the muscular component as well.  Massage therapy is a great first step in relaxing spasmed muscles so that the structural component can more easily be addressed by a chiropractor.   If you are not a fan of a 60 minute massage, standing cervical traction is one of the most effective ways to relax the deep cervical musculature that will cause neck spasms.

The finally component of treating your neck pain for long lasting correction is to address the inflammatory component. When the damage or injury is chronic, meaning that it has been present for a long time, then you need to also address the inflammatory component.  This can be addressed dietary by cutting down on the grains and dairy you consume.  As well, it can be address via supplementation of a good organic omega 3 fish oil.  Innate Choice, omega 3 fish oil is the most effective and cost friendly that we have found.

Where to go for my Neck Spasm

Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center located in Chanhassen, MN is home of neurological-based chiropractor Dr. Benjamin Knight.  He has developed a simple protocol to quickly address all three components of a neck spasm, and getting you the long lasting correction that you deserve.  Call 952-300-8338 today to schedule an initial consultation.