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You have probably heard about the tiny smart and peaceful city of Chanhassen, but, did you know that the city got its name from the Dakota word chan and haza? This words literary mean a Marple tree containing sap. In 2009, the Money Magazine ranked Chanhassen as the second-best place to live in America. In 2013, this city was ranked the fourth best to live in among small towns in the United States. It is only 56.26km(sq), but two counties share it. These counties are the Canver and the Hennepi Counties. In addition, it has three main routes that lead to the city. The Minnesota State Highway 5 and 41 and the U.S Highway 212. In the year 1900, there were only 175 residents. At the moment, the city has a population of more than 25,332 residents.


Points of Interest in Chanhassen

Only if you are a resident of Chanhassen will you know about the amazing points of interest in this great city.

i. The Temple of ECK

If you are a church goer, then you will find Chanhassen a godly place. Given to the presence of the Temple of ECK which has its headquarters in Chanhassen. This amazing place is built with a spiritual thought in mind. You will feel the presence of God as you go about your daily activities. This holy site receives visitors from all over the world. People come here to seek spiritual intervention. It is also an ideal location for anyone looking to study past lives, dreams as well as soul travel.

People gather here daily and annually for various reasons. There are those who only visit to tour the trails. You can visit anytime to admire and appreciate the beautiful sanctuary and also to attend the insightful classes and ECK worship services.

ii. Paisley Park Studios

Talk of entertainment and you couldn’t have thought Chanhassen has a statewide recognition thanks to the Paisley Park. This is a private estate which has a production complex situated here. The Paisley Studio got its fame due to the recording of hits by the popular musician Prince. Prince is known the world over for his amazing tracks. He shot to fame because of the extraordinary music that he produced. All that fame, he attributed to the Paisley Studios. I know most of us might have heard about Prince but how many knew that his production studio was located in this small city?

You will be happy to know that although this is a private establishment visitors are allowed to come and tour the place. So, if you are a fan of Prince, you don’t have to look further for any of his archives. The Paisley Studio here is an ideal place to begin your tour. It is in this studio that you will come across his amazing concert costumes. You will be able to see the iconic instruments, artwork as well as extraordinary video and music recordings.

iii. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

How much do you love nature? Did you know that in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum which is in this town, you will come rare species of flora and fauna? You get to walk around the arboretum and feel one with nature. This is an amazing place if you are looking just to relax and enjoy the breeze. Listen to the singing of the birds. Let the whistles of the leaves soothe you as you chill out in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

iv. Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

A place is never complete if it cannot offer its guests a taste of its amazing food. Perhaps this is the reason why the Chanhassen Dinner Theaters exist for a reason. I cannot say for sure what secret these dinner theaters offer but what I do know for sure is that one visit to these places is never enough and you will keep coming for more. But these are common places anyone who has been to Chanhassen might know about. There are however some historical facts about the Chanhassen Dinner Theater that you may not be aware of. Did you know that the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre is the single largest restaurant in the state of Minnesota that is privately owned? This theater which has been around since 1963 has hosted more than 200 plays. For all these years, more than 10,000,000 guests have attended the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.

v. The School Districts

Education is key to success but more than anything else, where students go to get their education matters a lot. But if you thought that one school district could only serve a city, you are highly mistaken. It happens to be split between two school districts. This means that you can choose to take your kids to either of the two school districts. We have the Chaska and the Minnetonka School Districts. If you prefer the Chaska school district, your kids can attend the Chaska Middle School, Bluff Creek Elementary, the Chanhassen High School or the Pioneer Ridge. The Minnetonka School District has some decent and cool schools as well. Some of these are the Scenic Heights, Clear Springs, Minnetonka Middle School, and Minnetonka High School.

vi. Chanhassen politics, economy & big companies

Let us see how good you are at Politics. Who was the first sitting President to ever visit this town? Yes, if you didn’t just google that then congratulations for guessing right. It was George Bush. Although Chanhassen is a tiny city, it has a strong economy. Did you know that the Life Time Fitness has its headquarters in Chanhassen? Moreover, there are many other big companies with headquarters in this town. The Snap Fitness and the AmericInn being among the many.

vii. Chanhassen beaches

Imagine that you were to go on vacation to Chanhassen which beach will you go to? I know you will google the beaches in Chanhassen, believe it or not, this tiny town has 5 beaches. Yes, it has five beaches and do not be mistaken to think that it is an island. We have the Carver beach on Lotus Lake. This is a wonderful beach especially if you on vacation with family members. If you find the Carver beach too far off, you can go to the Lake Ann Beach. The other beaches in Chanhassen are the Minnowashta Regional Park Lake, Greenwood shores, and the Roundhouse Park beach. No holiday maker wants to go to a place without a beach. But with Chanhassen, you will get an option of more than five beaches to visit.

viii. Sport Teams

When it comes to sports, we cannot rule out Chanhassen. Did you know that it has its own baseball team? The Chanhassen Red Birds is an amateur baseball team with its home and fan base in Chanhassen. It is also interesting to know that Chanhassen hosts youth sports leagues all year round. These leagues incorporate softball, baseball, soccer, and basketball.

Did you know that this city maintains more trails than some states in entirety? There are more than 70 miles of trail in Chanhassen alone. This multipurpose trail system is designed comprehensively. The majority of the trails in Chanhassen are located as access to natural resource corridors. The things you know about Chanhassen are not half of what exists there. But thanks to this article, you have a little more knowledge about Chanhassen. Make Chanhassen great by knowing more about its rich culture and history.

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