Natural Back Pain Treatment

chanhassen_back_painLiving in Chanhassen back pain can be a problem. Come to think of it, living anywhere, back pain is a problem.

With back pain you can’t always accomplish what you want to do. Lower back pain often means you spend a lot of time in bed because it’s too painful to move. Your back hurts so bad that you end up walking hunched over, looking a lot older than you actually are– sometimes teased by friends and family who have no idea the pain you are in.

When your back hurts you don’t feel like doing anything, including exercise. Indeed, lower back pain can mess up your entire work and play schedule. You may have to miss days of work, and thus lose income, because your back hurts so badly. Or there’s a social event you would have liked to have attended, but with your back “out,” it just wasn’t feasible. Lower back pain does not equal an abundant life.

Chanhassen back pain sufferers do have hope– a visit to Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center has the potential to relieve lower back pain.

The details: Chiropractors use spinal adjusting and other treatments to achieve proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure. In particular, they work on and near the spine to enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication. Adjusting is typically used to restore mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury caused by a traumatic event, such as falling, or repetitive stress, such as sitting without proper back support. A controlled, sudden force by the chiropractor is used to improve range and quality of motion.

Bottom line: A chiropractor can make adjustments to align and improve your body’s inner systems to the point where the irritation and the problem goes away. Thus, pain gets relieved and that’s what you want, right? Right!

If you’re experiencing Chanhassen back pain, call 952-300-8338 to make an appointment at Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center. You don’t have to keep suffering from back pain.

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    I arrived at Abundant Life with Sciatica and through treatments I have gradually and noticeably improved. I would recommend Abundant Life Chiropractic as it has solved my health issues. -John
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    I came to Abundant Life for sleep issues because of hot flashes and then I tweaked my back. Since starting care, my sleep is greatly improved and my back situation improved quickly. I would definitely recommend care at Abundant Life. -Karen B.
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    I originally came to see Dr. Knight for allergies and sinus problems. Since starting care I can breathe better, I don’t break out in hives as much and I don’t have the ringing in my right ear. I wish I would've known Dr. Knight years ago. -Michelle M.