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“By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. They listened, truly cared and were with me every step of the way!”

Chiropractic care has proven to be a beneficial treatment for a broad range of conditions including back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and more. Chiropractic adjustments address misalignments in the spine that cause musculoskeletal pain and put stress on the nervous system. With the structural improvements to the spine, comes less tension in the muscles, less pain and increased range of motion.

The chiropractic adjustment not only takes the stress load off the nervous system, but allows for healing of all of the affected areas that the nerves disperse out to. This results in the improvement of many other seemingly non-related conditions such as sinus congestion, headaches, digestive complications, under active thyroid, and difficulties sleeping.

Stress X-rays

In addition to showing what a traditional x-ray will show, Digital Bending X-rays (stress X-rays) allow for the evaluation of the joint in motion. This provides our doctors with a comprehensive assessment of ligament integrity, joint motion abnormalities and more.

An x-ray is considered the gold-standard in objective testing for spinal health. Every treatment plan is tailored to the individual based off their symptoms, case history, individual exam and any X-ray findings. This allows the doctors to lay out detailed treatment plan options, as well as expectations for results.

Treatment Approach

Our team of doctors focus on the health of the spine and the central nervous system through a neuro-analysis and functional rehab. Beyond the traditional training of spinal adjusting, our doctors primarily practice an instrument-based technique that allows them to provide precise adjustments for lasting results. Our technique is gentle and non-invasive, which makes it a great fit for a wide range of patients ranging from acute pain conditions to pregnant women and infants. There is no twisting, jerking or cracking of the spine.

Neurological testing is a core tool that helps our doctors narrow down the problem area and address areas with the “biggest fires”. This allows for healing to happen at an accelerated pace, and adjustments to generally hold longer.

Our technique also involves rehabilitative stretches and strengthening exercises addressing any imbalances in the soft tissues of the body. Our goal is to help our patients achieve a long-lasting correction as quickly as possible. With our personalized regiments, patient begin holding their adjustments and no longer require frequent care.

Note: due to our multi-doctor clinic, the doctors are all skilled in a wide array of techniques and different advanced protocols. They all have the standard chiropractic adjustment training and can provide manual adjustment treatments for extremity work, sports injuries, and other unique cases.


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