Work Injuries

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, says that approximately 4 in every 100 workers will sustain an injury at work. If you are a gambling person, that is a pretty good chance you will not get hurt at work. However, the problem with this statistic, is that less than 10% of the people injured at work, seek treatment for their injuries right away. Often resulting with them having to pay to treat their injuries out of their own pocket.


What You Need to Know

MN Department of Labor is required by the state law to provide 90 days of passive treatment for any work-related injuries. The catch, is your insurance premium DO NOT rise (this is state law), and your job will NOT be compromised. If you have suffered from an injury at work, seek immediate attention, it is your legal right. Not to mention, if you hesitate to seek care initially, your employer’s insurance has the right to deny future treatment due to possible other injuries that could have occurred during what they call the time gap.

Common Work Injuries


  • Slipped Back, Pulled Back Muscles or Back Pain: this is a common injury following lifting heavy objects, transporting patients, or even just a repetitive seated posture at desk.
  • Neck Pain, Strains/Sprains: We see this all too often with the day in and day out receptionist that spends the bulk of his/her day at a computer and answering phones. In our office, this is generally a pretty easy fix, but it is important to address before more serious injuries start surfacing within the disc and joints.
  • Sciatica:  Sciatica is very common in the typical blue collared worker who is on their feet day in and day out. Sciatica is caused by gradual shifts in the low back and spine, damaging down on the sciatic nerve.  It can also come from an over-active piriformis muscle entrapping the sciatic nerve.
  • Concussions/Whiplash/Headaches: Most commonly seen in work injuries where a physical fall has taken place, or where a worker had something fall on their head. These types of injuries involve a jarring motion of the head, which causes a weakening of the ligaments in the upper neck. Ultimately resulting in symptoms of a concussion: headaches, insomnia, dizziness, inability to focus. If you have sustained an injury similar to this, it is important you make an appointment right away.

3 Phase Treatment Protocol

In our office, we have a three-phase treatment protocol. A protocol with workers compensation compliant objective outcome measures to show multiple areas of symptomatic as well objective improvements.

  • Phase 1: Starts with correcting the underlying problem and getting you out of pain. This initial phase is all about getting the body feeling better, and you back to working better. The treatments in this phase change from person to person.
  • Phase 2:   This is the re-training phase. During this phase of care, the focus shifts to retraining the damaged areas of the body to hold their new corrections.   This phase is like muscle memory. The whole objective is to get your hard work to last.
  • Phase 3: Strengthening. Phase 3 is about strengthening. Once the pains are corrected, and the new corrections have been retrained to stay and last, finally, we want to strengthen it all so new injuries don’t cause your problems to flare right back up.

Attorney and Medical Referrals When Needed

We have teamed up with some of the best surgeons and attorney in the area, and have the resources to make any necessary referrals, whether medical or legal.

No Obligation Offer

Growing up on a small farm in Iowa, Dr. Knight considers himself old school, in that he holds his colleagues and himself to a high standard. Dr. Knight believes it is of the upmost importance to always have a great bed side manner when working with patients. We invite you to come in for a no-hassle guaranteed consultation to see if he can help you reach your health care goals.

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