Why Choose Massage Therapy at Abundant Life Chiropractic?

Many people today turn to massage therapy as a part of integrative medicine. Our patients enjoy an integrative approach in having massage therapy in conjunction with their chiropractic treatment at Abundant Life Chiropractic. Although it is recommended to have massage therapy in conjunction with your chiropractic treatments, it is not a requirement.

Massage therapy not only is beneficial for treating acute injuries but it is also very helpful with chronic pain management. Whether you experience muscle ‘knots’, trigger points, myofascial pain, or referred pain, massage therapy can help you feel better and put your body “at ease”. In addition to that, massage can also help treat symptoms like tension headaches, neck pain, back pain, and sciatica. Most of our patients choose massage therapy because of the natural means to managing their pain and symptoms.

Our therapist have a diverse background in the different healing arts of massage therapy, ranging from: swedish massage, deep tissue massage, crainial sacral massage, neuromuscular massage and myokinetmatic release. Massage treatments are always tailored to the specific individual patient in front of them.

With such a diversified approach, there is bound to be a technique or combination of techniques suitable for your condition here at Abundant Life Chiropractic. Our collaborative approach is what makes us different. Your therapist will go over your file with the doctors before hand and determine the best plan of action to reach your desired goals.


TRG Massage

A medical grade, trigger point massage specific to tight trigger points, knots, areas of soreness and acute injuries.

Level 1 - 60 minute, focused on a localized acute area
Level 2 - 90 minute, full body deep tissue trigger point massage


RLX Massage

A therapeutic relaxation massage. RLX is a therepeutic approach to your overall health. You determine the type of massage in which you prefer, whether it be swedish or deep tissue, your optimal pressure for healing and stress reduction, as well as, the time in which you would like to unwind and melt your stressors away.

Level 1 - 60 minutes
Level 2 - 90 minutes


DTX Massage

DTX is our elite massage package. Coming in two levels the package includes a deep tissue massage with medical-grade motion cupping. Motion cupping helps strip adhesions/old scar tissue, promotes lymphatic drainage, and increases blood flow to injury sites to promote faster healing.

Level 1 - 60 minutes, motion cupping and an injury massage specific to a new injury or chronic site of pain/soreness
Level 2 - 90 minutes, motion cupping and a full body massage experience. Both medical and therapeutic options.


PIM Massage

Personal injury massage is a massage specific to acutely injured areas of your body. All PIM's are managed in conjunction with a doctor based on injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The massages are designed specifically to your injuries and how to best promote immediate healing of those areas. Additional insurance SOAP notes are taken and provided to your claims adjuster.
15 minute units

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