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athletics_summer_2015_thumbChiropractic care is very important for injury prevention as well injury repair. The spine is the armor that houses and protects the center of control (your nervous system) for every muscle and ligament in your body. As you are running, twisting, turning, pivoting, or even playing contact sports, the spine will take shifts out of alignment resulting in injuries to the nervous system as well the intrinsic muscles and ligamentous tissues.

In our office we utilize torque release technique, a very specific neurological-based technique. With the specific neurological subluxation indicators, we can find exactly where the subluxation is and correct it with effective adjustments, allowing for a quicker recovery time.

At Abundant Life Chiropractic, we recommend that all patients partake in regular wellness care. As most athletes know and understand that after being injured once, the most important thing you can do is regular maintenance to protect from future injuries.

If you are an athlete suffering from reoccurring injuries or are just looking to enhance your performance naturally, please call the office for an initial consultation with Dr. Knight.

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