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Sports are an important part of our life. Whether you are an athlete or not, we all want to function at our optimal level because this allows us to enjoy life on our own terms! Whether you are a professional athlete or a parent that want to be able to play with their kids after work, our team of doctors are dedicated to ensuring that your body is working well.

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The biggest obstacle to performance is injury. Injury can play a detrimental role in every athlete’s lives – whether you play for the Minnesota Vikings or high school. They sideline athletes and take away their most valuable asset – time. Time away from the game will affect careers and also will prevent you from growing in your sport. Just in the high school population of the United States, almost 2 million injuries happen every year.

There are two types of injuries that occur during sports:

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  • Acute- these injuries are new, anywhere from 6-8 weeks. During these injuries, there is usually sharp pain and inflammation. They also significantly affect activities of daily living. The faster these injuries are addressed, the better the chance that they will heal properly. With time, your body starts ignoring the pain because it has gotten used to it. The body will start ignoring constant stimulus. This does not mean, though, that the injury has been healed and it will affect the person’s life later down the road. The main goal of acute injury management is to control pain levels and increasing function. Once the inflammation subsides, our team of doctors will add more advanced treatments.
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  • Chronic – these kinds of injuries are old, so anything that is affecting your health over 8 weeks. People that are dealing with chronic pain often experience muscles tightness, limited movement, low energy and even mood changes. Chronic pain is a serious problem that negatively affects many people today. The best approach to preventing chronic sports injuries is to address them immediately and properly.

At Abundant Life Chiropractic we specialize in treating sports injuries without the use of drugs and surgery. Some of the common conditions that our patient see us for include strain/sprain injuries, pulled muscles, tendonitis, and bursitis. We work with all joints of the body such as shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Our goal is to help athletes enjoy life, enjoy sports, and perform at their optimal level!

Some of the aspects of sports performance that we work with include:

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  • Range of motion
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Body symmetry
  • Agility
  • Joint proprioception

In addition to this, we specialize in concussion treatment and rehabilitation associated with sports injuries. Our treatment protocols are state-of-the-art and we provide evidence-based care to all of our athletes.

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Minnesota Vikings Lineman TJ Clemmings realizes the value of the neurological chiropractic care that we provide to help keep him injury-free. Regular chiropractic treatment is essential for those of us who are deeply involved in pushing our bodies to their limits.

When our spine is aligned, this help with the proper neurological firing sequence of the joints. For example, when the pelvis is properly aligned, now the shock absorption in the hips, knees and ankles happens in the proper synchrony. This gives our patients the edge that they need in training and during games. Proper firing synchronization of the joints is vital for optimal gait and performance.

Our approach begins with carefully assessing your spine for misalignments. A strong foundation for sports begins with a healthy nervous system. Misalignments in the spine will cause misbalance in the muscles and cause stress on the Central Nervous System.

We then focus in on the specific area of complain to restore function and reduce pain. In addition to this, we also work with the surrounding muscle group that affect the specific area of complaint.

We are eager to educate you on the correct way to move your body. Our doctors will give you specific exercises and stretches that will promote healing and get you moving in the right direction. Anyone who plays sports can benefit from neurological-based chiropractic care. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors!

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