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Virginia M.

By February 19, 2015February 19th, 2016Testimonials

When we met at Walgreens I never thought I’d be so grateful to you for what you have showed me that you could help me get a better life I’m at such a wonderful place now my pain in almost gone I still have some on bad weather days or if the moon is changing but I can stand tall, I can walk better, I feel like I’ve grown taller I can do so many things like stretch and even reaching up for things in the cupboard before I’d have to step on a stool and my endurance is so much better I just love it. I’m so glad all the time for just being alive and you are such a large part of that, had you not been there in Walgreens that day who knows where I’d be and for your constant belief in me that this would work and you gave me so much trust in myself that I was worth taking care of myself I will always be grateful to you and to the Lord for putting you there even we both didn’t want to be there just goes to show how much He cares for us and wants us to be the best we can be. I sometimes feel like we were on a journey and you were carrying me helping so much but always so very kind, I know it was you doing most of the work but you showed so much love and kindness that I finally got it but then you had to go and even in that their was a lesson that it was okay I could still do this. You are the best and I just love you and thank God for you every day

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