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Pregnancy is quite a fragile experience for our amazing women. When a woman is expecting, there are some things that she should keep away from. To maintain a healthy pregnancy up to a successful delivery is quite an achievement. In regards to this, there are activities which are deemed harmful either to the fetus or the mother. Many expectant ladies fail to understand all those dos and donts while expecting. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of 10 things to avoid eating or doing when expecting. This should help you as an expectant mother to stay safe during the whole period of pregnancy. It will also facilitate a healthy born baby at the end of the pregnancy.


However, before we get into the things to avoid, there are some activities considered as beneficial to your pregnancy. It would not be fair to mention what to avoid before we shed some light on what ought to be done. Most importantly is medical check-ups. A regular medical check-up is crucial for your condition. With regular check-ups, you can identify any potential risks to your pregnancy. With this information in hand, you can avert any dangers likely to terminate your pregnancy.

The daily recommended allowance is also equally necessary. Expectant mothers are required to maintain certain levels of folic acid in their bodies. Proper amounts of folic acid in a woman’s bed helps to avert risks of Spinal Bifida. The recommended quantity of folic acid is 0.4mg on a daily basis. Also of necessity is checking your immunity against Rubella. Also referred to as German measles, Rubella makes you prone to miscarriages. Fetal deformations are also common in people suffering from German Measles.

Prenatal vitamins, plenty of proteins and general proper feeding habits should be observed during pregnancy.  Proteins amounts range between 75 to 100 grams. Proteins are necessary for the development of the fetus. Exercise should also be in order. Kegal exercises, for instance, helps you avoid pain caused by weakened Kegal muscles.

Foods, drinks, and  exercises to avoid while expecting a newborn

  1. Smoking

There is no doubt that smoking is harmful to everyone’s health. Smoking is detrimental to the expectant mother. Since the mother acts as the host, her health affects the unborn baby’s health immensely. As such we can firmly conclude that smoking should be avoided. You as a mother ought to stay healthy for the sake of your unborn child.

If you are a smoker and you live with an expectant mother, please try to avoid smoking around her. The reason for this is clear. As a passive smoker, the smoke can critically affect the fetus. The known effects of cigarette smoking include fetal deaths, pre-term births, spontaneous abortion, infant deaths and full term babies with low weight.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol and any other drug should be avoided when you are expecting. The effects of alcohol on anyone are paralyzing. Depending on the frequency and amount taken, alcohol can have a wide variety of effects on an expectant mother. The worst case scenario is the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). FAS can do quite a number on your unborn baby. Apart from severe retardation, your baby runs the risk of many forms of abnormalities. FAS is easy to take note of. It is usually characterized by congenital birth defects. These defects include prenatal as well as postnatal deficiency in growth. Besides that, your child may suffer from Central Nervous System (CNS) dysfunction and facial malformations. The extent to which alcohol affects your unborn child varies. In extreme cases, it can lead to total failure of the baby’s major body organs.’

  1. Hotdogs

Yes, those yummy delicacies that you just can’t stop craving for ought to go! Several studies have linked hot dogs to cases of cancer. If you are an expectant mother, try as much as possible to avoid hot dogs. Research shows that hot dogs increase risks of cancer especially if taken in quantities of more than one per day. If you consume too many hot dogs, you also run the risk of cancer. The cancerous cells may migrate to your fetus.

  1. Fish

Fish and fish products are great as sources of animal protein. White meat is best compared to red meat. Fish however due to the high accumulation of mercury in water sources, is discouraged for expectant mothers. The reason for this is simple. The methylmercury substance that has accumulated in fish is harmful to your fetus. Studies show that methylmercury interferes with the unborn baby’s brain development.

You are expectant and want your kid to grow up with a sharp brain, avoid fish. If you do not want your kid to be a slow learner, avoid fish. If you are afraid that your kid may be a retard, avoid fish. You have enough reasons to avoid fish as an expectant mother. There are many better alternatives such as plant proteins.

  1. Vitamin A supplements

Supplements can be beneficial to our general health being. They, however, have certain recommendations and restrictions. You must take in very specific amounts. The reason for this is because it has the potential of causing defects in unborn babies. Your baby’s risk of being born with deformities increases with an increase in the amount of daily Vitamin A.

there is no need for alarm if you get your Vitamin A from natural sources. The risks of malfunction increase with the type of artificial sources of supplements. Carefully read the packaging of your foods to ensure that none of them exceeds the recommended amounts.

  1. Heavy weight lifting

Training that generally requires you to lift heavy weights should be a no-go zone for expectant women. Heavy weights can result in fatal injuries especially to your abdomen. There things you need to put into consideration before choosing to lift those weights. For instance, the weight might slip from your hands and cause injury to your feet. Expectant mothers who have suffered from a miscarriage previously should definitely avoid heavy weight exercises.

  1. Yoga exercises

Yoga is a general exercise that flexes your body’s muscles. It is worth noting, however, that some Yoga exercises could be too extreme for pregnant women. Too much of the twisting and turning may not be ideal for expectant mothers. There is a need for you to consult your health care provider to get a clear explanation as to which Yoga exercises can cause you serious problems. Prenatal Yoga is ideal. With the prenatal yoga, you learn how to use breathing to tone your muscles as well as achieve a better posture.

  1. Avoid exercising while lying on your stomach

This is quite easier to understand. If you lie on your stomach, you run the risk of causing injury to your unborn baby. Lying on your stomach might also be quite uncomfortable for you. No matter how tiny an injury to you or the fetus can is, the consequences could be unfathomable. Adjust your exercise so as to avoid hurting yourself or your unborn child.

  1. Hot bath tubs

Any expectant women must avoid using a sauna or hot bathtubs. If the hot water bath tub is unsterilized, you are ar risk of getting some deadly infections. It will, therefore, suffice to avoid hot bathtubs because the temperatures are way too high.

  1. Jogging and running

If you are a regular runner or jogger, carrying out both exercises should pose any problem for you even after you get pregnant. However, in cases where you have run or jogged before, you need to continue avoiding these two exercises when you are expectant. Risks of injury are higher in expectant first-time runners or joggers.

The above ten activities are not to the only things to avoid. The list contains these items because of the ease with which one can do them. This should only act as an eye opener. There is a need for you to seek professional advice from any qualified medical practitioner about the kinds of activities to avoid and the foods to refrain from.




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