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Carver County Pain Doctor

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Carver County Pain Doctor

Abundant Life Chiropractic is a leading pain management clinic in Carver County due to their highly specific neurological approach.  Abundant Life strives to bring high quality care to the ever growing population of patients living in chronic pain. Their high standard of care combined with their state-of-the-art technique and knowledgeable doctors offers their patients the most ideal outcome.

At Abundant Life, you will receive a thorough examination with one of the doctors, along with any necessary testing. This allows the doctors to create a plan of action tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Their comprehensive multi-doctor approach allows the patient to obtain the most optimal results.

Lower Back Pain Carver County

Lower Back Pain Carver County

Abundant Life uses a neurological technique called Torque Release Technique (TRT) to deliver highly specific, non-invasive adjustments to provide the highest quality of care. Through their neurological approach, the doctors are able to deliver extremely gentle adjustments to maximized the patients comfort. Along with their neurological approach, Abundant Life incorporates pressure point therapy to release tension and increase the circulation of blood to aid healing and maximize the patients results. Whether you’re suffering from an injury, or you’ve developed pain from another condition, Abundant Life is the place to be.


Types of chronic pain treated at Abundant Life Chiropractic

Abundant Life works with a variety of chronic pain conditions. With their neurological approach, Abundant Life has great success in treating conditions such as severe low back pain, neck pain, numbness and tingling down the arms and legs, migraine headaches, and many more. Their specialized approach not only offers the patient a short term solution to their pain, but it allows them to give the patient a long lasting correction!

Next Steps

If you’re dealing with any of the conditions mentioned above, make sure to call the office today. Whether you’ve been dealing with your problem for the last two days, or have been struggling with it for twenty years, Abundant Life is the place to be!  Make sure to give the office a call immediately to schedule your consultation!

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