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How I found migraine relief

How I found migraine relief

Growing up on a farm in Iowa, my family was generally pretty slow to seek medical attention.  In fact, I can remember “walking off” more injuries than I ever actually addressed.  Following a skull fracture in high school, and being a collegian wrestler, led me down the rocky road of regular migraine headaches.  By the time I realize I could not walk the migraines off, they had completely consumed my life.  I was eating oxycontin, almotriptin and imitrex like they were daily vitamins.  Fortunately, I suffered a very serious neck injury that forced me to take some time off.  It was in treating with my local upper cervical chiropractor, that I accidentally found relief in an immense pain I had been suffering for 4 years!  Migraine headaches.

The symptoms of my migraines were:  rapid onset, aura, sharp pains in the top of my skull, a heavy pressure behind my eyes, and the inability to look at bright lights or be around any loud noises.  On top of all that, my entire neck and head hurt, and they would last at least 24 hours with medication.  So to say they were mild, would be a gross minimization.  Upon correcting my spinal injuries, I was fortunate to “accidentally” eliminate my migraines.

Currently I am a tonal integrative chiropractor, and I now specialize in helping others with their own migraines and headaches.  Our clinic Abundant Life Chiropractic serves the Chanhassen and Victoria communities.

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Migraine Headache

Here are the first steps in treating your headaches.

  1. We need a detailed health history and migraine consultation to properly document the severity of the headaches.
  2. Rule out all external sources of migraines and headaches to determine if your’s are neurologically related.
  3. Upper Cervical Motion X-rays and an Anterior Sacral Base View
  4. Relief treatment.  We generally treat migraine patients on a daily basis until they get their first neurological hold and break their current migraine patterns.

Tips and Pointers to get lasting results.

  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol while going through treatment.
  2. Try to go home and relax after the treatments
  3. Avoid lifting above your head (20lbs or more) for the first 4 weeks of treatment.
  4. Wear flatting fitting shoes to your appointments.
  5. Ensure a proper water to body ration, 3/4 oz of water for every 1lb of body weight.
  6. Avoid manual cracking of your neck.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, call our office at (952).300.8338

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