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Looking to catch a film? Find out what’s on cinemas in Chanhassen and surrounding areas? Rainy day and got nothing to do? Catching a movie has never been a bad option. With Chanhassen’s endless supply of cinematic entertainment, you are always guaranteed to find something interesting showing somewhere in the city.

Check out for the picks in cinemas in Chanhassen theatres, The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, The Hopkins-Mann Theatre and much more; from old school theatres and multiplexes to the small art house spots, Chanhassen has got it all. This cinematic town has got everything.

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On top of that, you will find out that each one of these cinemas, even those owned by major chains, brings its own flavor. Each theatre brings in its own specific touch to whichever movie it showcases on its screens. In that regard, I have broken the best of them into a list. Whether you are into classics, new releases or Indies, you’ll always have an option on the table. Here are favorite Chanhassen theatres to watch your flick.

Here is a list of amazing theatres you can attend while in Chanhassen.

  1. The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

The Chanhassen Dinner theatre is an outing perfect for all ages of your family. Showing up to a live dinner theatre is a more formal event than going to a movie. You need to buy the ticket prior and then you have to dress up nicely. You will watch an ever fantastic show of the musical playing on the main arena. Afterward, you will be served dinner before the production and desert during the intermission period.

If the musicals are not really your cup of tea, The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre offers Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret each Friday and Saturday night. Comedy Cabaret is basically an improvised production than never disappoints and there is always something to laugh about. The food though leaves a lot to be desired, but the quality of the two acts makes up for it.

I would recommend that you go to The New Year’s Eve celebrations and enjoy the musicals, a fine meal, watch the Comedy Cabaret, dance and get all the fun with your family and friends. In addition, they also have a musical camp for children during the summer. It’s time to see what you are missing if you have never been there. It’s time to visit again if you were ever there. Chanhassen theatres are getting more thrilling.

  1. The Chanhassen Cinema

The Chanhassen Cinema is a small theatre that is located on the corner of Highway 5 and Highway 101. This theatre is just a good enough option for watching a movie and maybe making a night out of it. It is, however, a less expensive option when compared to the nearby AMC in Eden Prairie which charges $8.75 plus tax for a single adult ticket. According to sources, a large popcorn pop will go for around $12. There are also 8 screens.

What I particularly like about the Chanhassen Cinema is their great assortment of concessions, great customer service, and their clean theatres. The Chanhassen Cinema particularly is a great place to go if you intend to see a specific movie. Or maybe if you decide to watch a movie last minute with your buddies. So if you looking for affordable places to spend out an evening, this is one of the cheapest of the Chanhassen theatres.

  1. Excelsior Dock Cinema

Excelsior Dock Cinema is a ten-minute drive from Chanhassen city and a good pick if you intend to catch up with some friends. With two separate docks on top of each other, it makes for an excellent movie house. The upstairs deck has an old heavy rope and an old wooden barrel decorate the stage giving it an awesome look. The decorations do not, however, deter your viewing or your attention. The docks, however, has a limited sitting capacity.

What’s great about the Excelsior Dock Cinema is that it only has 3 theatres. This makes it easy for one to pick an option or to be particular. The theatre also has a self-service pop station with great, friendly employees. Their tickets normally go for around $8.50 for the general admissions and around $7 before 5.30 p.m. another plus for Dock Cinema is that they got limited commercials before a movie.

For the sensitive lot, you should probably know that the theatre has got a musty smell floating through the air. It might also not be as plush as your usual giant multiplexes, and their commonly expensive concessions don’t help but definitely a great option nonetheless.

  1. The Eden Prairie AMC

The Eden Prairie AMC is one of my personal favorites when you looking for the best Chanhassen theatres. Notwithstanding that there are 18 screens which are comfortable and clean, the surrounding Eden Prairie Mall makes for a great place for dining and shopping. The food courts have got all kinds of cheap food; Asian, Italian, Mexican and much more. In addition to all that, all the Eden Prairie’s theatres have a program known as the ‘’Stubs.’’ If you happen to sign up as a member of the Stubs program, you get a free size upgrade on popcorn and pop, a $10 discount on every $100 you get to spend and so much more great offers.

However, Eden Prairie AMC is probably not your hang out joint if you are looking to trim your monthly budget. An adult ticket will normally go for around $10.72 plus tax and $13.28 plus tax for the large popcorn and pops and a free refill. Other than that, Eden Prairie is a great theatre for an evening outing.

  1. The Old Log Theatre

The Old Log Theatre is one of the oldest continuously operating pro theatres not only in the state of Minnesota but also in the entire of the US. Situated in downtown Excelsior, it is an equally great option to look out for once you are in Chanhassen. Built over 75 years ago, the Old Log Theatre is one for the classics. However, don’t expect all of the same Old Log Theatre you used to know.

Over the last 3 years, Greg Frankenfield has taken over the theatre and transformed quite a few of the old logs you’d grown accustomed to. Expect that same old school feel that so many people have grown to love, but there have been quite a few updates. There is a new state of the art lighting and sound system. The lobby has also been reworked anew. So is the restaurant. The shows have also changed. Apart from the classics, there is an introduction of new and more modern shows. This is aimed at attracting younger fanatics.

  1. The Hopkins-Mann Theatre

The 6-screen discount theatre is located near Central Park in downtown Hopkins, at the junction of 12th Avenue and Mainstreet. The Hopkins-Mann Theatre has got a free public parking spot for its fans. It is also equipped with handicap-friendly seats in all of its theatres, in the lobby and the arcade games. It offers private rental theatres on request.

What’s unique about the Hopkins-Mann Theatre is that it continues to be a discount theatre. Second-run films are screened at a price rate of $2.50. And guess what, the theatre is as well kept like any other you might think of. It is clean, screens large and comfortable and the show presentation is excellent.

However, the Hopkins-Mann Theatre is normally super crowded on Friday and Saturday nights. Their slow service does not help their cause either. It is not also where to set your eyes at if you are probably looking to catch up with the latest in the movie world. So now you know.

Now that you are in Chanhassen, you do not have to spend your evenings bundled up in your backyard. Pick a friend and pass some quality time in one of these Chanhassen theatres.







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