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Key Points

  • Millions of people within the U.S. suffer from knee pain un-necessarily.
  • Cartilage and synovial fluid help maintain the knee joint’s integrity and proper function.
  • When the joint spaces are decreased within the knee it leads to greater susceptibility for the knee to become damaged further.

Arthritis in the knees is a condition that affects millions of Americans each year. It causes increased pain within the knee joints that can lead to decreased activity and movement in an attempt to avoid pain. Osteoarthritis can be caused by many different factors including but not limited to: previous injuries, being overweight, or even just microtraumas and regular wear and tear. It is typically a progressive condition where it worsens over time leading to feelings of increased stiffness, pressure, decreased range of motion, increased pain, and decreased agility. Daily activities like walking, biking, and climbing stairs can all be affected by this issue leading to a decrease in activity or aversion to these activities entirely.


How the knee is affected.

Our knees have cartilage within them to help with normal function. The cartilage along with the synovial fluid that is present allows for smooth gliding and operation of the joint throughout its normal ranges of motion. However, over time and due to injuries or microtraumas, this joint space is damaged leading to the cartilage within the knee being eroded away and the synovial fluid, the lubricant for the joint, decreasing leading to the increased susceptibility of further damage and dysfunction. Throughout this process, the joint space itself will diminish causing the structure of the joint to be damaged further. This ends up being a catch-22 because when the joint space narrows, it also becomes harder for the synovial fluid to get within the joint leading to a lesser amount flowing through the joint. The synovial fluid helps bring vital nutrients to the joint and helps the knee function properly.

Steps for quality correction.

If we know that one of the biggest issues with osteoarthritis and knee pain is the joint space decreasing then we also know a quality first step is to start increasing the joint space to promote proper function and allow increased synovial fluid into the knee. We will analyze you in 3 main areas: structurally, neurologically, and metabolically. When we do this, we ensure that we are not leaving a single stone left unturned allowing for the most effective form of treatment(s) to be recommended. Our thorough analyses are what allow our treatments to be so successful- leading to a 70-100% success rate. Our team of doctors will help you throughout this process as well as perform a thorough analysis to check for any other underlying issues that may have contributed to the knee pain. Contact us at so we can let you know how we can help.

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