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A baby is on the way! Now what? Ask around, and you will be sure to get a ton of opinions and ideas thrown your way. Has anyone mentioned chiropractic care yet? You may be having your first child, or your fifth.
Regardless, if you have contemplated seeing the chiropractor during your pregnancy or afterwards, here are some reasons why our patients see positive results in their care.
1.) Pregnancy pains!
Every mom is different, and every pregnancy is different. With pregnancy, the body makes some incredible changes, and this adaptation can bring different symptoms for everyone. Unfortunately, some mammas deal with back pain and other body pains that show up throughout different stages of pregnancy. These pains are your body’s way of adapting to a different phase of life, but there is hope. Chiropractic adjustments help your body move and adjust to the new life forming inside the womb, thus, decreasing the amount of aches and pains that can accompany pregnancy.
Even throughout labor, chiropractic adjustments have been known to ease pain and discomfort.
2.) Baby’s position.
The position you baby is in throughout your pregnancy can lead to a blissful experience, or a painful one. Chiropractic adjustments help your lower pelvic/sacroiliac region get into it’s natural position, allowing and helping the baby to position his self/herself correctly.
When your body is out of wack, it may be more difficult for the baby to reach his/her ideal position, potentially resulting in a difficult or even dangerous birth.
Many women come to see the chiropractor, especially close to their labor in efforts to avoid a cesarean section, or overall complications with their birth. The chiropractor will work with the body naturally to help get the baby into ‘launch’ position – in other words, the ideal birthing position.
3.) A healthier mom leads to a healthier baby
Chiropractic adjustments help not only with back and body pain, but they are also proven to help support the immune system. Pregnancy is hard enough!
When sickness strikes, it can take even longer for pregnant women to get back on their feet, which is why adjustments are so important to prevent and help ease negative symptoms.
When mom feels good, baby feels good, and is able to grow and thrive.
4.) Easier labor and birth.
Women have reported to have had easier and less painful births with the use of regular chiropractic adjustments throughout their pregnancy, and even sometimes during their birth.
This can be for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it is because the body is simply in the best alignment to support a smooth birth. At other times, it is because the adjustments have helped to get the baby into proper birthing position, resulting in a shorter labor time. Either way, the more energy and less pain a women can have during her birth, the better.
5.) Infant adjustments.
The birthing process can be downright aggressive and exhausting, not only for mamma, but for baby as well! Depending on how the birth goes, there can be a tremendous amount of pressure put on the baby, resulting in potential misalignment of his/her spine.
This is why it is so important for newborns to be seen by a chiropractor as soon as possible after birth.
Newborn chiropractic adjustments have been proven the help with ear infections, colic, acid reflux, etc. Babies are growing CONSTANTLY. If something is off, it can cause significant problems down the road, which is why it never hurts to get checked out by your chiropractor.
**All births and pregnancies are different, but we work with each individual case to try to make each journey as natural and enjoyable as possible. Contact Us to learn more about how we work with pregnant women and infants in our clinic today!

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