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Victoria Neck Pain

Victory is one of the gems of Minnesota, and it brings a wide variety of activities and pastimes to its residents. Families and friends have the opportunity to enjoy snowmobiling and sledding during the winter, and  water sports at the seven lakes of Carver County during the hot summer days. Unfortunately, neck pain can be a severe hindrance that can prevent the citizens of Victoria from enjoying their day to day activities. Whether its an occasional pain that causes annoyance or a severe problem that is completely debilitating, neck pain isn’t any fun at all. That’y why, here at Abundant Life, we want to make sure you know how to handle your neck pain so you don’t have to miss out on all of these amazing opportunities!Victoria neck pain

Types of Neck Pain

Normally if you’ve been experiencing neck pain for anywhere between 6-8 weeks, it is a sprain/strain situation. However, if the neck pain has been occurring for longer than that, this leads us to believe that the cause of the neck pain is something else. Here at Abundant Life, we commonly see patients come in with neck pain due to misalignment of the spinal bones in the neck. This can a happen for many different reasons, ranging from severe traumas to everyday wear and tear. Whether this happens from a recent automobile accident, or everyday wear and tear from sitting at a computer every day, these activities have the potential to shift the spinal bones of the neck out of place. This misalignment of these spinal bones is called a subluxation.

What is subluxation?

Subluxation is a misalignment of the spinal bones that causes stress on the nervous system. This stress on the nerves will cause pain and tightness of the surrounding muscles, but it also eventually cause other problems within the body. At Abundant Life,  some of the other symptoms we see coming from subluxations in the neck include: numbness and tingling into the arms, hands and fingers, headaches, shoulder pain, chronic fatigue and many more.

Our solution

Unfortunately, neck pain can originate from a variety sources, and it can be extremely difficult to figure out what the exact cause of your neck pain is. That’s why here at Abundant Life, we use the Gold Standard motion x-rays along with neurological testing to pinpoint the exact cause of your neck pain. This in depth testing allows us to figure out exactly what is causing your neck pain with no guess work.

Here at Abundant Life, our team of doctors are dedicated to helping you get out of your pain. Whether you’re dealing a simple sprain/strain or something more complex, we will help you find the answer to your problem. If your or somebody you know is dealing with neck pain, make sure to call the office at 952-300-8338 to schedule your comprehensive examination and consultation today!

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