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We all know it. The motivation we have come January 1st to become the best version of ourselves for the next year is strong and well intentioned! There is nothing wrong with setting some serious goals for yourself, but how can we make sure these goals stick when the motivation does not?
1.) Start small.
You may have a laundry list of goals, but the end result may seem a little more achievable if you focus on 2-3 resolutions that you are really passionate about! Try to think of the things that would benefit you the most if you were to achieve them, and focus on those wins first. Worst case, you achieve these resolutions, and you get to the point where you can add on some more positive changes in your life. It’s easier to add than to subtract.
2.) Don’t be afraid to start again.
So you already broke one of your resolutions. Did you ‘forget’ to work out? Maybe you succumbed to that ice cream treat you promised you would avoid like the plague. This is unfortunately where most people fall off because they feel that they already failed, but this is the perfect opportunity to start again. Complete is better than perfect, and while you may not achieve perfection in your resolutions on a daily basis, it’s all about trying to be the best version of YOU! Now stop being so hard on yourself and get back on that horse!
3.) Accountability doesn’t hurt!
While it may seem like there is less pressure in keeping your resolutions to yourself, sometimes accountability is the sure fire way we stick to our goals. You can disappoint yourself, but when someone else is involved, there is a lot more at stake. Some ways to keep yourself accountable is to get a gym buddy that makes going to the gym a bit more enjoyable.
Another thing you could try is to establish a time every week when you meet with your significant other and review all the areas where you spent money that week. It may be difficult at first, but this provides you time to talk about areas where you could possibly cut back on expenses with an outside perspective. Regardless of your resolution, it never hurts to have a cheerleader in your court helping you to meet your goals that are most important to you.
4.) Celebrate small victories.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, so do not expect your ideal self to be built in a day either. (or in a week, or even in a month…) Change takes time, as we all know how easy it is to fall back into old habits. Because of this, set yourself come benchmarks to achieve throughout your journey so that you can celebrate positive progress.
Break up your overall goal into bite size, measurable pieces, so that you are able to notice and detect when you are getting closer and closer to your end goal. Celebrate your victories to encourage yourself to keep going and maintain the motivation that you had when you first started.
5.) Be meaningful with your resolutions.
Take time to thing about what changes you truly want to make in your life. If your list of resolutions do not contain value, you will be less likely to work hard at them, especially during times of struggle or lack or motivation. There is nothing wrong with sitting down and truly taking time to think deep about where you are and where you want to be in the future.
The more meaning you attach to your resolutions, the more motivation you will have to make the changes in your life necessary to complete them. Do a little soul searching before committing.
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