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It use to be a topic left only for the ‘ultra-spiritual‘, but now we are seeing meditation being used as a vital daily practice for people from all different backgrounds. From successful CEO’s, to stay at home moms, to being used in classrooms for children, meditation has been proving to be an immensely effective tool. Here’s why.
1.) It reduces stress.
Taking time to breathe, relax, and decompress helps you to decrease your stress levels. With the American lifestyle, people are running from task to task throughout the day, not allowing sufficient time for mindful silence. Meditation allows you to take the time out of the day to stop and focus on yourself.
Even if it is just for a few minutes, this time can drastically positively affect your day if done properly. Some studies even say that meditation can physically change the brain, decreasing brain tissue connected to stress and anxiety.
2.) It increases happiness and emotional balance.
Meditation has been proven to produce significant therapeutic effects. People practicing meditation report feeling happier and more in tune with their emotions. They have a sense of power over how they feel, as well as, knowledge of what events or situations trigger certain moods or reactions. Because of this, people who meditate say that they are less likely to be swayed back and forth by situations that occur throughout the day, allowing them more control over their emotions.
3.) It benefits your immune system.
Less stress equates to a healthier immune system. Stress causes disease and sickness to enter our body, so the more relaxed we can be on a daily basis, the better equipped we will be to battle illness. There have also been studies that show meditation can also slow down the aging process. If used properly, your mind can have a tremendous positive impact on your health, physically and mentally. It has been proven that a positive attitude and mindset can help cure illness in an impactful way.
4.) It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
Meditation is described to be an act of self-care. When people are more in tune with their mind and body, they are better able to understand what is working well for their health, and what is not allowing for an improvement in self-regulation. Meditators have reported an overwhelming sense of wanting to live better and healthier lives after practicing mindfulness and meditation, as it has helped them reconnect with themselves.
5.) It improves concentration and productivity.
Meditation has been proven to help increase your focus when it comes to day to day tasks. Understanding yourself and how your mind works better allows you to process how you think and work best. Also, the act of decluttering your mind helps you to focus on the important tasks at hand, rather than being overwhelmed by chaotic, random thoughts that tend to enter our minds throughout the day. These positive effects have also been proven by physical studies of the brain and how it physically changes and adapts to practiced meditation.
**We talked a little about the brain and how it can change based on meditation; however, there are lots of other ways we work with the brain and neuroplasticity within our office to provide our clients exceptional chiropractic care. Contact us to learn more!

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