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Pregnancy should be a beautiful, wonderful time for both baby and mom. It’s a magnificent process of creating, growing, and bringing another human being into the world. However, a great deal of women report their pregnancy as being less than wonderful; horrible even, and complications can only worsen the experience.


Chiropractic care applies natural, holistic treatment aimed at encouraging the body to heal itself and function at its highest standard – all by being in proper balance. For expecting mothers, visiting a chiropractor regularly during your pregnancy can take the strain off, remove fears, and turn your nine months into a time of health and vibrancy without complications or unnecessary pain.

Some worry that chiropractic treatment isn’t safe for their baby, but the exact opposite is true. Trained chiropractors with experience in treating expecting mothers are capable of applying a gentle and expert hand to your care. With specialized tables that feature customized pregnancy pillows – allowing you to keep your baby bump safe and yourself comfortable while the adjustments are made – we’re able to help alleviate your back pain, nausea, aches, and more, putting you in peak health to enjoy your pregnancy.

What exactly can chiropractic care do for expecting mothers?

  1. Relieve Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a strain on the mother before labor ever comes into the equation. Even if we were to ignore the emotional trials those intense nine months entail, the physical aspects are enough to make pregnancy a daunting event. The weight of the baby creates a great deal of strain on the mother’s spine, the pressure of the growing child begins to shift around her internal organs, and while everyone gathers around in excitement to feel the kicks of the little one, the mother is feeling a few well-placed kicks to her back and ribs.

Chiropractic care allows mothers to benefit from adjustments that are gentle and safe for the baby, but which undo the complications the excited little one create. Additionally, treatments to the spine and surrounding muscles will relieve pain, tension, and put her structure into better balance so she can continue to enjoy the pregnancy in full health.

  1. Adjust Misaligned Pelvic Positions

Due to an accident or something much less harmful, the mother’s pelvis may be misaligned in a way that won’t affect her normally, but will create strain for the baby. As the child needs room to move and grow, if the pelvis is in a suboptimal position, they may experience health concerns and the mother will be in unnecessary pain. However, chiropractic adjustments can realign this into its correct position once again, eliminating potential problems and in fact encouraging better posture in the mother, something which may have been prevented throughout their life. Without the handicap, she can observe a better stance and reduce other aches, pains, or sliding misalignments.

  1. Reduce or Prevent Nausea

The baby puts natural pressure on the mother’s organs, and this only becomes more severe as the pregnancy continues. This can cause nausea throughout the nine months, not only during the initial morning sickness stages, and turn what should be a wonderful pregnancy into a strained nightmare. Chiropractic adjustments can ensure the mother’s entire structure is in its proper shape, which take off unnecessary pressure from her ribs, spine, or other joints that may be turning something natural into something uncomfortable.

Additionally, with muscle therapy, chiropractors can apply gentle treatments which ease back, neck, and joint pain caused by muscles overstrained in the carrying of the baby. By doing so, the mother can experience relief from pain and the baby can enjoy less stress during the pregnancy, creating a healthier and more pleasant experience for both.

  1. Prevent a C-Section

A misaligned pelvis or spine can create a great deal or pain, cause stress and therefore complications with the baby, and most importantly, may obstruct the baby’s ability to be birthed naturally. In these cases, a cesarean delivery is needed to make sure both mom and baby are kept safe. However, chiropractic care can apply adjustments to make sure the mother is in peak structural shape, so that the birth is as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. Without natural roadblocks that would occur due to an overstrained vertebrae or pelvic bone, the mother can give birth as she was intended to without complications.

  1. Reduce Pain During Delivery

Pregnancy usually equates pain – but that’s not only from the contractions. Women with particularly high pain tolerances, or a sense of determination to be feared, can experience a great deal of pain during the labor due to preexisting muscle ache, a misaligned joint or bone, or even a slightly off vertebrae in her neck blocking the valuable chemicals meant to ease her suffering.

By taking advantage of chiropractic adjustments during their pregnancy, when the mother finally arrives at the time to deliver, she’s in her top form with every portion of her body working as it should – for her. With signals to and from her nervous system operating properly without blockages, administering natural pain relieving hormones and chemicals, and no unnecessary misalignments causing pain, there’s less need for medication and much less discomfort even if medication is used.

  1. Encourage Faster Delivery

Being in top form isn’t just about avoiding disaster or pain; it also effects how quickly labor and delivery will progress. The body is meant to deliver quickly and efficiently. The long and horrible labors are usually due to a complication or a biological disadvantage in mom or baby. Chiropractic care helps identify these physical problems early so they can be prepared for, and resolve the majority that stem from a life of poor posture, surprise accidents, genetics, and more. According to a study by Dr. Joan Fallon, new mothers and second-time mothers experienced labors that were shorter by 24% and 39% respectively – all thanks to regular adjustments beforehand.

  1. Less Likely to Experience Back Labor

Labor is hard, and it’s only more difficult when those dreadful contractions are felt in multiple parts of your body. Back labor in particular is when a sharp pain strikes through a mother’s lower back at the same time as the contractions, spreading the pain over much further area and creating more suffering. However, mothers who received chiropractic care during their pregnancies reported having few or no cases of back labor.

  1. Help You to Deliver a Healthier Baby

The less discomfort the mother is in, and the fewer roadblocks posed during the birth, the healthier a baby will be. Without the stress and complications, babies can experience a near perfect birth that follows the guidelines as nature intended it, with better behavior later such as faster nursing.


Pregnancy should be a beautiful time, where you can enjoy the incomparable experience of growing and bringing another life into the world. But it doesn’t always make it easy on you. By booking an appointment with a chiropractor regularly, you can take away the things women dread most about pregnancy, and be freed from the traditional roadblocks that hold mothers back from a lovely delivery. With the help of our treatment, you could be enjoying a vibrant, healthy pregnancy now.

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