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Chiropractic as a form of treatment has helped lots of people to avert serious medical conditions. It is without a doubt one of the cheapest treatments available to us today. As we have seen in previous articles, chiropractic treatment has been at the forefront in treating of some illness besides back pains and other chronic pains. Studies also support the fact that seeking chiropractic treatment first is important in avoiding unnecessary surgical operations. Nevertheless, as much as we appreciate the importance of chiropractic treatment, we have to content with the fact that it is not easily accessible to everyone. Many chiropractic clinics are concentrated in populated and urban centers. As such, this leaves the majority of people in need of chiropractic care with a hard task of finding the clinics. It is for this reason that self-help chiropractic books come into play.

Many experts in the field of chiropractic have written on self-help chiropractic. Self-help chiropractic can be quite useful especially if you are suffering from minor joint injuries which could escalate if not attended to immediately. But as always, it is important to follow some basic rules and guidelines when performing self-chiropractic. Since we carry out self-chiropractic to simply get some temporary relief, one need not rely entirely on it as an absolute treatment. It is crucial that you seek proper treatment from a chiropractic clinic later on when you can.

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Anyone can try self-chiropractic, but the best are those who have some knowledge of sorts. You will be at a great advantage if you know what to do and how to do it before trying the treatment itself. Learning about self-chiropractic is essential because it helps to reduce the risks which come with performing chiropractic treatment. Hence the ready to invest in some self-help chiropractic books. Self-help chiropractic books will give you guidelines and procedures. They help you know which processes are safe to carry out and which ones should be left to chiropractic doctor. We have many self-help chiropractic books. However, in this article, we shall only review five of the best self-help chiropractic books.

Hopefully, you will find some valuable knowledge and expertise in these books. The books vary in length depending on the procedures they tackle. The books are on different chiropractic treatment to give you a variety of treatments that you can try at home.

Here are our five best self-help chiropractic books

  1. Chiropractor’s Self-Help Book

The Chiropractor’s Self-Book is one of the all-time best self-help chiropractic books. This book was published in Canada, The USA, Russia, and England. One of the main reasons as to why many people prefer this book is the plenty of illustrations that it contains. You will find more than one hundred photos to show you different steps. The instructions are also quite easy to follow.

According to several reviews, the Chiropractor’s Self-Help book is a complete guide to healthy living. If you are looking for a self-help book that contains a step-by-step process, you can rely on this book. The book does a great job in helping to relief aches and pains using some easy to follow instructions. The book customizes the guide in a manner that will suit your schedule.

For those looking to take advantage of some wonderful self-help techniques, this book comes highly recommended. I would like to add that feeling good in a very short period does not come easy even with the best chiropractic treatment. However, in this self-help chiropractic book, you will come across some quick pain relieving self-chiropractic techniques. Whether you are suffering from backaches, neck pains or sciatica problems, the Chiropractor’s Self- Help book is an ultimate guide to getting better. The self-help book even has a special help section which provides a guide on how to heal the wrist, elbow, shoulder, headache, knee, ankle and jaw problems. You will also get advice on how to cure a common cold. Additionally, the amazing self-help book gives a complete outline of how to tackle sinus and arthritis pain conditions.

Written by Dr. Leonard McGill, the Chiropractor’s Self-Help Book has helped a lot of patients over the years. Dr. McGill has a complete mastery and knowledge on chiropractic treatment. He has written other books on the same subject such as ‘The Chiropractor’s Health Book’ among others. You will find this self-help chiropractic book quite resourceful.

  1. The Chiropractor’s Self-Help Back Body Book

It is not easy to find chiropractic books specifically on back pains. However, that does not mean there aren’t any books on the topic. In fact, I stumbled upon this amazing self-help chiropractic book on back problems. The Chiropractor’s Self-Help Back Body is a comprehensive guide to treating back pains. Non-chiropractic books on backache tend to lean towards surgical operations or conventional medication as the cure. With this practical guide, you will get a better alternative to treating and relieving back pains. The book also puts a clear distinction between back problems and other health issues.

The Chiropractor’s Self-Help Back and Body Book is quite handy, especially for pregnant women. You can use the practical procedures in this self-help chiropractic book to protect your back during pregnancy. The book also provides general guidelines for those who have a weak back. It will suggest the best way protect your back against further damage, especially during sex.

This wonderful self-help chiropractic book features black and white images that should put some clarity to the theory behind it.

  1. Self-Adjusting Technique Book

Many of us suffer from pains of all sorts but cannot afford regular chiropractic check-ups. This leaves us writhing in pain for many years. Eventually, we end up with some chronic health complications. You should know that lacking the finances to seek routine chiropractic check-up should be reason enough to leave you in suffering. There are useful books out there which specifically teach you on how to perform chiropractic adjustments.

One such useful book is the Self-Adjusting Chiropractic book. Authored by Kalidasa, a yoga teacher, the self-help chiropractic book offers a complete and all rounded self-chiropractic techniques on adjusting yourself. This book covers many topics which all provide some technical knowledge on performing self-adjustment.

With this guide, you can perform some painless adjusting treatments to help you relieve back pains and other chronic pains. You will be happy to know that the book has a dedicated website where you can ask the author personal questions to do with self-adjusting chiropractic treatments.

  1. Spinal Manipulation Made Simple

This is a simple manual to self-spinal manipulation. It helps to know how to carry out manipulation of the soft tissues in the back using a very simple as well as safe way. The method suggested in this guide avoids the high velocity, low amplitude thrusting techniques. These are techniques used by professional chiropractors. In their place, this manual suggests a technique of Rolfing. This is a somatic bodyworkers technique that initiates an effective and wholesome treatment.

This self-help book by Jeffrey Maitland will show you how to relieve the fixations in the joints of your spine elegantly. Releasing of fixations in the sacrum, ribcage, as well as the pelvis, is also well illustrated in this self-help chiropractic book. More aid in understanding this manual is provided in the form of pictures and drawings.

  1. Chiropractic Technique-Self Adjustment Made Easy

Are you looking for a cost-free way of getting relief from joint pains, you will get the help you need from the book by Ryan Seager, ‘Chiropractic Technique-Self Adjustment Made Simple’ In this book, the author consolidates various effective techniques. These are techniques which you can make use of within the confines of your home.

Some of the areas that this self-help chiropractic book handles includes;

  • Self-adjusting your neck to relieve muscle tension and soreness.
  • Simple self-alignment of the spine.
  • Sleeping positions
  • Treatment of sprains and strains
  • Lower vertebrae adjustment
  • General promotion of a healthy living

I hope you find this article in helping you select the right book to guide you in self-chiropractic treatment. Self-chiropractic techniques are very important in our lives hence the need to learn more about them. You can find quite a lot of resourceful information from the self-help chiropractic books provided above.

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