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In the majority of chiropractic offices across the United States, back pain is the second most common complaint. Accordingly, the treatment of back pain is one that continues to get attention every other day.  This is one health issue that you can defectively tackle using chiropractic treatment. You should be aware that together with other musculoskeletal disorders, back pain results from various factors. Some of these factors we can categorize them as either genetic, age or lifestyle. Admittedly, the correct and guaranteed process of solving these conditions squarely depends on the individual.

In the United States alone, the number of people seeking chiropractic treatment is a rough estimate of 18million people. The number could be higher. Similarly, if you are planning to visit chiropractic clinic such as Abundant Life, there are some behavioral modifications which will help to speed up your recovery.


The Do’s of Chiropractic Treatment

Here is a list of some of the things which when done right can help expedite your recovery process. I understand there could be some conflicting ideas which is why you are always recommended to drop your comments at the end of reading this post. Any due clarifications shall be provided in our subsequent articles.

  1. Eating Well

Food has over the centuries played a vital role in health. Being as it is, various medical conditions will require that individuals be placed under special dietary plans. There is always a reason for this condition. That being the case, it goes without saying that eating well is at the core of your chiropractic recommendations. A chiropractor who fails to advise their patients about the necessity to maintain a healthy diet only do so out of ignorance. I would henceforth advise you to cancel any visitations to such chiropractic clinics.

On the other hand, a qualified chiropractic doctor will adequately provide advice on which foods to eat so as to give your body the boost it needs to recover from any illness after administration of treatment. Well, if you realize that no specific diet has been recommended, you can always resort to using the internet to find out which foods come highly recommended given your health condition. In simplicity, eat a balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

  1. Getting Enough Rest

There is a great difference between getting a lot of rest and getting enough rest. You should not sleep for too long till your back n ribs ache due to prolonged still positioning of your body. Enough rest will also give your tissues and body cells time to grow and develop. Similarly, this puts your body in a condition optimal for releasing of tension and stress on somebody muscles and joints.

Sleep experts say that getting six to eight hours of sleep is enough to give your body good productive rest. A good sleeping posture is one that will align your joints and muscles appropriately. Some of the poor sleeping positions to avoid include sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your right side is both medically and religiously accepted and encouraged.

  1. Do Get Regular Exercises

Exercising helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. As we mentioned earlier, some of the reported medical conditions which require a chiropractor’s intervention arise from an individual’s lifestyle. Lifestyle experts claim that most chronic illness in the world are lifestyle diseases. As a result, lifestyle modification is one of the most commonly recommended practices by health experts.

Among those acts, your chiropractic doctor should encourage you to practice regular exercising. People who exercise regularly provide their muscles and joints with flexibility and robustness. A robust muscle can withstand strenuous activities without fatigue. Subsequently, this will reduce the proneness of your tissues and muscles to any unprecedented injuries or damage.

If you exercise regularly, you also increase the rate of recovery. Additionally, this practice puts your body and mind in the right posture and set in between chiropractic visits. In addition, it is recommendable to get at least 30 minutes of exercise at a frequency of four to five times in a week.

  1. Do adjust your body through the plane line of disc

This helps you to know what should be done and how it is meant to be done. When you have a health complication requiring an adjustment of the lower cervical area, your chiropractic doctor will attempt to do so homily. The homilies chiropractic adjustment is one that many chiropractic doctors have mastered over the years due to its effectiveness. The technique can be seen in practice during superior-to-inferior thrusting to adjust the lower cervical in the plane line of the disc.

  1. Do Get an X-Ray

The worst most critical mistake you can ever make when seeking treatment is to administer treatment before getting a diagnosis. A diagnosis should point out exactly what needs to be tackled. A typical example is if you are complaining of a headache. It would be useless to seek treatment for such a condition without any diagnosis. A diagnosis will let you know what ails you and its cause. All of which will help you get the right treatment for it.

In the practice of chiropractic, X-Ray is one of the common diagnosis. X-Rays provide chiropractic doctors with critical information which will shape the type of chiropractic care and treatment to be provided.

The Don’ts of Chiropractic Treatment

While there are practices encouraged to boost your recovery and improve the efficiency of a chiropractic treatment, we also have some practices which should be avoided at all costs. These are practices which can adversely jeopardize your chiropractic treatment’s efficiency.

  1. Do Not Perform Rotations

I tend to believe that the constant pre-stress rotation of the lumbopelvic and cervical is a disregard for the patient’s safety.  This practice can result in serious health complications such as the herniated disc, stroke or even the cauda equine syndrome. Your chiropractic doctor should be aware of these risk. If they seem to presume the dangers posed by rotation, be on the lookout to alert them.

I understand that to some extent the irrationality of this practice is due the following factors;

  • Ignorance regarding arguments against the likelihood of stroke when using cervical rotation.
  • An utter misinterpretation of the works of Farfan which explains the destructive risks of compression and rotation.
  • A blind dismissal of other techniques in favor of ones’ own.
  1. Do Not Adjust the Spine Where it Hurts

No evidence exists to guarantee the incessant need to optimally get clinical results by solitarily administering chiropractic adjustment to the painful spinal areas. Nevertheless, this should not act as a direct preference of ignoring the patient’s pain indicators and opting to center treatment away from the pain areas.

Chiropractic treatment should be strictly objective by considering the results of a clinical diagnosis. The chiropractic doctor should also be sensitive to the patient’s complaints. If a patient is upbeat about the need to relieve excess pain, it would be reasonable to use a technique that will minimize pain without exerting more pain.

  1. Do Not Seek Adjustment Unless there is a confirmed Nerve Interference

Nerve interference forms the basis of any chiropractic treatment. Nearly all diagnostic techniques in chiropractic are put in place to assess the presence of nerve interference. Without evidence of nerve interference, you should not accept any adjustment. Be sure to insist on a diagnosis or proof of a relationship between your pain and nerve interference if your chiropractor insists on performing an adjustment.

Equip yourself with these do’s and don’ts to increase your chances of recovery. These practices will also boost a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to share with a friend because information is power.

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