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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

chanhassen_chiropractorsLadies– if/when you’re pregnant, did you know a visit to your Chanhassen chiropractors at Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center can help relieve the pain and strain your body is going through?

Having a baby puts a lot of stress on a woman’s body, including her muscles. Just the weight gain alone– 25-35 pounds–is enough to cause “severe discomfort.” Well, maybe that’s the nice way to say it, right? Let’s talk about pain for real:

Pregnant women get back pain. The baby presses down on your back, your legs, your butt, until he or she is “working your last nerve!” By the way– the baby often does, indeed, irritate your sciatic nerve. Meanwhile, having the bowling ball in your belly means you have a new (albeit temporary) center of gravity putting strain on your pelvis and stress on your joints and spinal disks. Add to that, the normal curvature of the upper spine increases. It’s both a pretty picture (pregnant women make for great artwork) and a pretty ugly picture, depending on how you choose to see it, right?

While having a child is a miraculous and wonderful thing, it’s also a lot of work and it definitely messes with one’s normal body functions, alignment, hormones and health. It’s a challenge being pregnant, to put it mildly.

If you’re “with child,” don’t hesitate to see one of our friendly, helpful Chanhassen chiropractors at Abundant Life who’ll help you have a safe, natural, and–ideally–easy delivery. Proper and regular chiropractic care helps de-stress your body and alleviate problems like cramping and vomiting and breech birth.

If/when you’re pregnant and living in the Chanhassen, MN area, call 952-300-8338 to schedule an appointment with Chanhassen chiropractors who’ll help get you through the pregnancy process. The Abundant Life Chiropractic Health Center is conveniently located at 7945 Stone Creek Drive in Suite #120 and welcomes new patients. Visit Chanhassen chiropractors today!

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