Ever feel like you have a pain in your butt, and it is not your screaming kids?  You are most likely suffering from sciatica.  Sciatica, is one of the most common conditions in which patient’s frequent chiropractors for.  Sciatica may present with many extremes of pain ranging from sharp pins and needle-like pain traveling all the way down the hip, legs and into your toes, to a simple ongoing dull ache in your buttock.  Regardless of the severity of your sciatica symptoms, if it is not appropriately treated, it will certainly become a long-term pain in your butt!

Sciatica back pain

Differentiating the Types of Sciatica

Sciatica can easily be classified into two common categories.

  • Piriformis Syndrome:

This form of sciatica is the less common of the two, only accounting for about 20% of all sciatica cases, but is commonly found in chronic sitters and long distance runners.  Piriformis syndrome is a form of sciatica in which the piriformis muscle has become over-active (over-used), and contracts down on the sciatic nerve as it travels through the muscle fibers of the buttock.  The pain associated with piriformis syndrome is more of a deep dull ache, and generally does not travel far past the lower buttock and the back of the hip.

  • Spinal Related Sciatica

The more common form of sciatica is spinal related sciatica.  The symptoms related to spinal sciatica stem from the lower lumbar spine and a large bone that sits at the bottom of your back called the sacrum.  Of the two sciatica’s, this is by far the more severe form.  The symptoms generally travel the entire buttock, down the leg and even into the toes.  Symptoms may present as numbness and tingling, or as severe as pins/needles and burning.  When left uncorrected, it is not uncommon to deal with other associated visceral symptoms such as:  constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and reproductive system failure.  If you are dealing with this form of sciatica it is appropriate to take corrective actions as soon as possible because spinal sciatica can result in immobility, extreme levels of pain, and even visceral problems.

Treatment Options

  • Western Medical Approach

The common medical approach would be to X-ray the affected area and treat with corticosteroid injections, pain killers or other neuropathy agents like gabapentin to the affected leg.  This will generally numb the pain, but most the time it doesn’t correct the cause of the problem, resulting in re-occurring pain as soon as the medications wear off.

  • Neurological-Based Approach

The more conservative approach would be to take a neurological-based approach. This means addressing the specific area of sciatic nerve stress or pressure and remove the interference through spinal adjustments.  At Abundant Life Chiropractic, all our doctors have advanced proficiency in neurological-based adjusting technique, torque release technique. This technique uses an analysis system to effectively diagnose the area of neural stress causing the sciatic pain, and correct it with safe and gentle instrument-based adjustments.  Our team of spinal care specialist do not just stop at the pain. Our spinal therapist will then help strengthen and re-educate the muscle memory of the appropriate muscles and ligaments so that your sciatica nerve problem becomes a mere memory of the past.  Instead of something you have to wake up to and re-live throughout your life.

living a back pain free life

What to do Moving Forward

The first step moving forward would be to start with a consultation with one of our doctors to see if you can be helped by our drug-free approach to treating sciatica. To schedule a consultation call (952) 300.8338. Next step, would be to dive on in. Take full action and accountability and feel your pain melt away.

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